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Investing in Marvel's Future.

Nah this isn't my own thread. I want more people to post here. Good news. :) That kind of also gives us a heads up that Cap and Thor films are closer than some might think. :)
Nah this isn't my own thread. I want more people to post here. Good news. :) That kind of also gives us a heads up that Cap and Thor films are closer than some might think. :)
I always saw Captain America going for a 2009 release (which they are aiming for) along with Ant-Man and then Thor along with Nick Fury in 2010.

Hopefully we'll at least get The Invincible Iron Man, Captian America 2, and The Mighty Thor before they go ahead with the Avengers.
The news about Sega acquirng 3 major Marvel properties can lead to a safe assumption that they will get do the Avengers when the time is right. But I wonder if they will try and get other licenses like Fantastic Four and Ghost Rider from Take-Two or Spider-Man and the X-Men from Activision.
Not ATVI has those rights secured. Once the contract with a game studio is up they can go from there but Marvel's smart to spread there stuff out.
^ Yeah. Because being so frontloaded they can't afford for estimates to be lower in the next quarter even if it's not their fault that the analysts had no clue how it all works. So time to raise FY.
Marvel just reported earnings and raped analyst expectations by a huge margine...yet they didn't raise guidance. Holding out for one more quarter I guess.


Do you think that it was intentional because they knew they were going to announce more share buybacks? Even though the news was all good, that lack of raising guidance sent the stock price down some.

That "Marvel more valuable then Star Wars" link surprises me. I knew Spider-Man would spin big toy sale numbers but not that big!

Marvel pet accessories? Just...wow.
I think they probably thought about raising guidance but didn't want too because they were gonna come in below expectations in Q2,3, & 4 because analysts didn't realize how much was frontloaded in Q1. If they had increased guidance then it would have been muted later by lowered expectations. It's not Marvel's fault...it's the analysts. Also Marvel probably figured the stock price would go down after Q1 so they waited for the drop and then annouced the buyback. They know these shares are far more valuable than 30 bucks down the road and by buying the shares they decrease the float and raise the EPS. :) Now they can raise estimates for FY07 next quarter or the quarter after that or both even though they might still come in under analyst expecatations for the Quarter. Remember Marvel only gives yearly guidance probably due to the nature of the business they are in. I bought about 500 total shares since the earnings drop. Not much in the whole scheme of things but it helps alot for sure.
Are you guys getting millions by these investments?
Do you have a normal job or are you just getting rich off marvel?

Damn you if you are!
FTW(and I don't mean for the win)

How much would one need to start investing in Marvel?
^ Any amount. However make sure it's money you can tie up for a long time and have a goal. Never let day to day price fluctuations scare you if you're in it long term. Also if you frequent the finance boards there are bashers who try to make you scared to sell. They're on every stock board. Nobody goes through the trouble of bashing a bad stock. :)
Thanks, mate. I'm going to look more into it tomorrow. 'Bout time I decide to do something other than eating tacos all day sitting on my ass.
Real Estate and Stock trading...that's it.

I'm a Disability Rights Advocate and Health Consultant by trade. I got into investing in Marvel (the first time) a few years before they crashed. I 'm also a big comic book collector( Spider-Man in particular). I think Marvel is in a great postion as a company and should be for the forseeable future, they why I've re-invested.But I agree with you, you have to be in it for the long haul. Iron Man and Hulk are going to be major factors in Marvel's succes-in some ways more than Spider-Man.
Spidey rules
investing in marvel's future!?
is this a joke or what!
usually Diamondhead only invest in himself !
Curse you cur !

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