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Iron Man Iron Man Movie Figs!!!


Jun 19, 2005
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That it did!
Hmmm,Mark II - interesting.
Probably just a consumer thing, not the War Machine suit lol.
Doubt that Mark II will make it into the movie, but we'll see.
I like the snap on armour one :yay:
Awesome!!!! The snap on Armor is very reminisent of the 1995 Toybiz line, and all the figure's are just awesome, when are they due?
i think the mark 2 is in the movei for one scene.

Yeah, and we were always wondering what the Mark II was going to look like.:woot:
Loving Iron Monger's suit as well.:im:
Much better than the SM3 and FF2 figures! I might get a couple.
I love the Iron Monger!
I just hope they don't clog the pegs for months on end like pretty much every movie tie-in line so far. But they are a big leap in quality.
I guess it's ok if these have lead paint on them!!!:woot:

So the Mach 2 is an unfinished Mach 3.
I'll be buying my fair share, these are awesome.
ooh our first look at Mark II. From the looks of it, I assume it'll be a prototype. But maybe Rhodes will use it to save Tony from a jam.
I guess it's ok if these have lead paint on them!!!:woot:

So the Mach 2 is an unfinished Mach 3.

That's what I'm thinking. In the comics, the Mach II is the Mach I painted gold, Tony painted it gold after a girlfriend thought the armor looked hideous with that color.

I'm betting that's what happens here, Pepper or his love intrest/reporter chick tells Tony he should color it.
Mark II kicks butt! Do I smell a War Machine???
I so want these and that mark 2 armour is just crying out for a few custom paint apps to make it a nice looking war machine along with a few gun add ons :woot:

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