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Sequels Is the cast of Taylor as Gambit inthesame category than Hugh Jackman as Logan in X1?


Apr 9, 2005
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Well, now that it seems almost official that Taylor Kitsch has been casted as Gambit, that question has came to my mind.

Hugh Jackman has always been seen as one of the discoveries of X-men 1 and great choice in terms of casting, and both character and actor became a star, inside the x-men trilogy and for the general public too.
That casting decision was important for the role.

Gambit is an important character from the comics too, a big favourite of the fanbase, and so many people have been wanting him since X1.... and now finally he has a face, finally there is a real actor to play him.

So the question now would be if Taylor Kitsch as Gambit is as right choice as the Hugh Jackman one was in year 1999.


And apart from the poll, do you think this actor can become in one of the main stars of the x-men franchise in the future? Like Hugh has been all this years...
Eh, I wouldn't put Gambit in the same category as Wolverine. Plus, Wolverine was the "star" of the X-Men movies, with each movie serving as a vehicle to sell his story. I don't think this will be the same for Kitsch's Gambit... so while Kitsch may be turn out to be a good Gambit, I don't think the circumstances are enough of the same to grant him the fervor that surrounds Jackman's Wolverine.
The question is more about the actors than the characters.

I mean, the abbilities.... you know.... Will can Taylor do a great Gambit like Hugh has done Logan?
In that case, maybe.
If you've seen Friday Night Lights, you'll agree with me when I say yes.
With so many stories in the Wolverine plot to happen, I doubt Gambit will have such a prominent role. I'd love for it to be a cameo a la Kitty in X1...but he's signed for three movies, so.

Let's see what happens. This guy can become a new Famke or Hugh or Rebecca in terms of pleasing the fans with his portray, but he can also turn into a Halle Berry, which I hope doesn't happen for the sake of the character.
I think Famke isn't in the same status as Hugh, I mean, in the xfranchise.

Hugh/Logan was "The star", Famke always had a secondary role, and not everyone was glad with that casting choice.

She did a good job in X3, definetly, but Hugh has had all the praise always.
Weren't most Jean fans happy with her portrayal? I thought they were, except for the age thing, which is just mindless nitpick, really...

~I personally believe~ she was awesome...
I used to serve Kelsey Grammer coffee at Starbucks, and almost spit in his coffee when i found out he was going to be Beast!

To me, he was one of the only good parts of X3!

My point is... you never know.
I used to serve Kelsey Grammer coffee at Starbucks, and almost spit in his coffee when i found out he was going to be Beast!

To me, he was one of the only good parts of X3!

My point is... you never know.
Good point :p
Famke is ****in amazing as Jean!

The stars of the X-Men franchise are definitely

This is the kind of question we need to answer after the film comes out.. :p

grammer was a pretty decent beast cast, i'd have to see this dude as gambit to really get the low down
Time will show... Im gonna watch the movie just for Gambit.

So... we have a Gambit. This means, if they decided to cast someone as Gambit, there is gonna be a X4.

How old is he gonna be when he appears in X4 timeline??? :huh::huh::huh:
Just because they cast Gambit, doesn't mean an X-4 is coming.
I am in panic mode at the moment after learning that, but business is business.

Just speculate that Gambit is gonna bring some millions to the movie worldwide. Do you think FOX is gonna let this slip?

I changed my mind, i will not pay a ticket to the theater just because they managed to piss me off today...
Just because they cast Gambit, doesn't mean an X-4 is coming.

I'm going to assume there will be an x-4 . The longer I am in denial the better. This guy might be a good actor but there is no way of telling how they will portray gambit at this point.
No way is it in the same league. Wolverine has been one of the main characters in X-men for years now, both comics and movies.

Hugh Jackman was a discovery because he was physically unfit to play the character (because he's so tall) and also unkown but he GOT the character and that's what makes him such a discovery.

Gambit is not only NOT a main character, he's been thoroughly ignored by the movie producers for years and the actor playing him makes every bit of sense because he physically resembles Remy and is also pretty known among the female populace since half of them have been suggesting him in the first place.

Like TNC wisely said, there's no point in jumping the gun and treating this like the second coming of Christ. They are using Gambit to get more butts into seats. No hidden plans or agendas as of yet. Should Gambit prove to be a bankable character, than we'll talk.
This could be the actor's potential to get noticed like Jackman did. Though obviously it comes down to how he performs (and script quality).
I think it depends less of the actor and more of the studio, script, screentime, and director.

Fox had so much care about Wolverine in the first three x-men films, so he became popular, both character and actor.

Is the main actor would have been another, Wolverine would be now like Cyclops, a secondary role.

What I want to mean is that if the studio and company want Gambit to be a star, they'll get it, if don't, not.

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