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Is your job your passion?


My name is Stefan, sweet thang
Mar 8, 2004
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We all have something we've always wanted to do since we were young in regards to a career, regardless of it changing over time. I want to write for some kind of publication and review literature, movies, tv, whatever. Right now I'm a system admin for a well known technology company that most of us are probably using right now in some form or another so I don't have to name names. I write mini-reviews for movies and stuff for other websites and get a small stipend, so it's something. I'd prefer to be doing that as my full time thing, but it is what it is.
Not even remotely. Sadly, I'm not even sure what my passion is. I decided after high school that I'd work until I figured it out and here I am at 31 with no idea. I'm leaning toward writing, or more accurately, story telling (of any form) or perhaps something with children, though I'm not sure in what way.

I am currently a school janitor, though I clean all the none school buildings (transportation, maintenance, storage facilities, etc.). I was happy for a short time as the day custodian in a elemetary school but that as short lived as those positions are sparce.

As a hobby I write on the side... novels mostly. I've recently self-published my first novel (linked in my sig) with my first two novels as eBooks (also in my sig). I definately enjoy it but I've lately been thinking about how I'd probably really enjoy putting my ideas to film. I was actually just today looking at potential college options. Sadly, having a family and barely making it paycheck to paycheck with no savings makes the idea of college very unreachble.

In all honesty... I'm feeling pretty defeated when it comes to my working life.
Nope. My job is strictly for bill paying/food buying, etc.

I guess I'm a frustrated "artsy" bastard. Writing, drawing, photography, music etc. are the things that interest me and my job has nothing to do with any of that. I got accepted into film school back in the day, but that was a dream deferred.

Positive note: I am currently working on my comic (writing, not drawing) and plan to have a table at a couple of cons next year (OnyxCon for sure), so I'm slowly but surely going back in the "right" direction.
Hardly. My job is just for paying bills & sustenance.
I'm a janitor, so naw. Hell naw.

But I'm still young and this is just my job, not my career or anything.
Currently unemployed so no :funny:

But the job I just left was sort of a stepping stone, even though I hated it.

My two passions in life:

1. Write my novel
2. Become a journalist

I don't care if my novel ever gets published. I just want to have written it before I die. Because it's like there is a whole world inside my head desperate to have form.

And I accept that I may never be the kind of journalist that i'd love to be. I mean, I feel really passionately that journalism can be important, and i'd love to be a part of that side of it - invesitgative reporter, war correspondant or even working for something like Amnesty International... that'd be the point at which I could say I have achieved everything I ever dreamed of achieving.

But you have to look at things realistically, and right now i'd just be happy to work for a magazine or newspaper of any kind. Just to be paid to write would be a fantastic achievement on it's own for me.
My job is definitely not my passion, but it pays the bills.
Nope, I finished college a year ago and I'm still unsure what I enjoy (as far as working at least). I remember on my graduation overhearing my mother on the phone saying that I had chosen the wrong major. (I'm a marketing major and I'm not really a social butterfly). I'm really unsure about what I'm passionate about. I had some ideas early on, but high school and college classes will seriously demolish something if you aren't as passionate as you thought you were.

I suppose I did have higher expectations as far as my career path. I should be a bit more sanguine and less pessimistic... I mean I'm far from being locked in the position I am at the present moment(even if it feels like it), but still this little joke chart is pretty accurate for me currently.

Yeah...sort of.

I write the copy for daily deals and offers for a deal site similar to Groupon and Living Social. I originally worked for a smaller company that was recently bought out by a much, much bigger company. It started out as just freelance alongside a day job in telemarketing. Telemarketing paid the bills, freelance writing gave me my spending money. Telemarketing was miserable, thankfully I was able to quit when I got promoted to a full time position when my other company was bought out. Now I get paid to write full time and I love it (most of the time).

Like terry78, I was interested in finding a job that allowed me to write reviews for TV, comics, video games, books, etc. I even did have a few review writing jobs here and there, some paid and some just for fun. But after awhile I realized I wasn't really enjoying it. It occurred to me later that I just don't like being a critic, but it seemed like the only kind of job I could find that allowed me to write about stuff I'm interested in. Thanks goodness I eventually found my coupon job.

I do have grander aspirations than coupon copy of course. As a writer I have a few unfinished novels, short story collections, and what not. After college I didn't have time to focus on that since I had to pay the bills. My writing job promotion only started a few weeks ago, but I'm hoping I can finally get back to my personal projects once I find a good balance between my work load and free time.
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Which is both good and bad.
Not my current job no, but a promotion will get me there.
I'm unemployed but I'm in the field I want to be in. The market just sucks ass right now.
Hell no!

I was passionate about art since I was little; drawings, paintings, animation, you name it. It wasn't until after I graduated college with an art degree that I began to lose my passion for it because of how tough an industry it is.

Also, I didn't want to work in retail anymore; yet low and behold the only jobs I've been able to get have been in retail. Then I just got use to it because it was paying my bills and rent.
Eh, kind of.

I'm a manager in retail. And there's a TON of things about the job that I love, and appeal to key parts of my personality and interest, but at the same time, I never said as a kind "I want to run a K-Mart when I grow up."

I would more say my passion is art. Writing, directing, photography, etc. But, at the same time, I don't know if I'd ever want to make a profession out of it.
Eh, kind of.

I'm a manager in retail. And there's a TON of things about the job that I love, and appeal to key parts of my personality and interest, but at the same time, I never said as a kind "I want to run a K-Mart when I grow up."

I would more say my passion is art. Writing, directing, photography, etc. But, at the same time, I don't know if I'd ever want to make a profession out of it.
It's like I've been told "art is more of a hobby" than a profession.
It's like I've been told "art is more of a hobby" than a profession.
Essentially. I would hate how non-structured working in artistic fields is.

If only we lived in a world where it was possible to do things like make films just as a hobby, and not a full time profession.
Not having a job is my passion...since I can't seem to get one. :argh:
I've been doing it for about 3 1/2 years and I'm around $15/hr. If I were to get promoted to custodian I'd be at $17/hr now. Cap for my school district is $17 for janitors and $19 for custodians.

Decent pay but not a very fulfilling job. That's why I work it though. It supports the family. But then, there's constantly the fear of being outsourced, and it's threatened at every contract negotiation, so there's no real feeling of safety or longevity.
My current job I hate with a passion. But, I am close to a filmmaking Bachelor's Degree, so hopefully I upgrade to something I like more. My goal is to do some screenwriting and be a director eventually. I absolutely love working on films. My day job, Target Cart Attendant, is terrible. Low pay for all the grunt work. I can barely support myself on it, but hopefully that will change soon.
Oh heck no. I'm a project manager for a flooring company and my passion is anything to do with hockey.

I make side money giving clinics though.
I'm a screenwriter and film guy, due to a lot of luck - which I don't underestimate, so I'd say it definitely is.
It's like I've been told "art is more of a hobby" than a profession.

Depends. I work in film, and sometimes when people have asked if one could be a doctor and just do films as a hobby...I replied 'why not be a filmmaker and practice medicine as a hobby'?

It's a hobby if you treat it and do it as a hobby. If you do it as a profession...it takes at least just as much hard work, dedication and individual ability as anything else.

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