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Guardians of the Galaxy It just got real...real cosmic!


Sep 17, 2002
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With the potentially blockbuster news reported here:


Marvel/Disney could very well get the film rights back to Galactus, Silver Surfer, The Watcher, and other Cosmic beings in the MCU. I've been saying all along that in order to tell the ultimate space epic Marvel could really use Galactus and Surfer. The level of epicness of a film series that features The Avengers, The GOTG, Thanos, Galactus, Silver Surfer, et al is off the charts. I don't even think Star Wars would be able to compete with this.

I really hope Fox accepts this deal. This is such a brilliant move by Marvel/Disney who seem to NEVER surprise me with how many brilliant moves they have up their sleeves.

This is a total win/win for M/D. If Fox accepts they get access to all the major players they need to make an ultimate MCU (besides Dr. Doom :csad: ); if Fox doesn't accept than Marvel gets Daredevil back and they can look forward to a street level MCU at some point. And quite frankly I don't believe the MCU needs the Fantastic Four proper, just the cosmic characters and again ideally Dr. Doom (but I know that won't happen).

Although the terms appear less favorable to Fox on the surface (but honestly who cares about them) they would still have 3 Marvel franchises to work with; albeit with one slightly more limited.

Wow. What a brilliant move for Marvel. They just "get it". Fingers crossed that this goes through.

So what do you suppose this means for Guardians of the Galaxy?
Marvel seems to have the leverage here. Id ask for a hell of a lot more than SS and Galactus. My guess is theres more to this deal than whats mentioned in this article.
I shouldn't complain about what Marvel is hopefully going to get out of this, but man I would kill for them to strong-arm Fox into giving up the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom.
Sorry guys but doesn't seem like rights for FF, Surfer, and Galactus are in play only that Marvel would be allowed to use Surfer and Galactus.
I don't want to get my hopes up again. I'll wait and see. just think though. SS and galactus, they could do infinity gauntlet or annihilation or Galactus comes to earth vs the avengers minus the ff4. Maybe they are trying to get other cosmic characters. Like the shi'ar. Not sure where the inhumans stand. But they could do a war of kings. Lots of stuff can be tweeked to make an awesome cosmic universe.

But first of all I want to see the silver surfer origin with galactus.

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