Guardians of the Galaxy How can the Thanos Imperative be adapted for the big screen?

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Aug 8, 2012
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Given that it was the last major story to include the Guardians, Nova, and Thanos and the fact Marvel wanted Silver Surfer and Galactus back for the Guardians movie it's probably a safe bet that the plot will be heavily based on that comic. How can you guys see it being adapted to the big screen to make sense to new audiences?

From what I understand it also has Lord Mar Vell/Captain Marvel in it so if they were to use him in the movie as well that coud set up Carol Danvers, so Marvel could basically introduce a large majority of the cosmic stuff into their movie universe all with one movie.
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I think they've had the plot for the first Guardians movie set in-stone for a while. So I think Marvel trying to get Surfer/Galactus was more them trying to prepare for sequels.
I also thought that them wanting galactus and the surfer were just rumors
I also thought that them wanting galactus and the surfer were just rumors

No, that's for real. It was brought up during the FF "ultimatum" from Marvel Studios, which seems to have spurred Fox to actually get up and do something about Marvel's First Family.
I cant see TI being the basis for the first movie, a lot needs to happen first for that to come to pass. For example, Thanos would have to die, and with them wanting him to be a bad guy in a future Avengers movie, I cant see that happening just yet.
It won't be

There's too much going on there, too many characters, too many references to other stuff, too much convoluted backstory, too much to build up to and out of. It worked as a a fun capper to DnA's cosmic stuff but it's exactly the kind of stuff that won't translate to film
Marvel can always grab another character from their library instead of Galactus or SS but y'know, you never know with Disney. They may have been cooking the deal with Fox over the last few months and suddenly announce they've bought the characters like they did with Star Wars.

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