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Matt Alan

Oct 13, 2007
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I didn't see anyone putting up a thread for books so took this opertunity to do one myself. I figured for anyone who wanted to do a review on this book, which I would like to, can.


For starters I have always loved Superman, even as a teen which I am now. I have done quite a bit of research on Superman myself. That includes reading most of wikipedia's info on him. I had always found him to have morals, which I believe he should have. When I got about half way through the book I was stunned to find out that he doesn't! At least not according to Tom De Haven. First off he runs away with a man called Willi Berg, who is running from the law. And also smokes like Willi. Later he ends up in California and meets a costume designer and becomes a stunt man. Now this isn't that bad so far, is it? No, but what comes next is. He ends up living with this woman and she has only seen him on rare occasions but already likes him. I think he is in his early twenties by what I had heard in this book so far. She is in her late twenties at 27. Here is what my problem is and why I am never going to read a Tom De Haven book ever again. On page 226, paragraph 7 this is what it says,

"Later, after Diana falls asleep no longer in her clothes, Clark watches her for hours. He wants to wake her up and do it again. Do it all over again. But what if she gets mad? He doesn't want her to think he's a guy with no self-control. He wants to touch her breasts. He doesn't. Wants to kiss her mouth. Doesn't. Instead he picks her glasses up from the table and puts them on in the dark."

:cmad: Now he is definatley moraless. :cmad: He touched a womans BREAST who he isn't married to. :cmad: I would never have imagined that in my wildest dreams. :cmad: WHAT THE KIND OF SICK DISTURBED MIND WOULD THINK OF SOMETHING SO HORRIFIC. I know! Tom De Haven. :cmad: I WILL NEVER, EVER READ ANOTHER OF HIS BOOKS AGAIN THAT SICK *******!:cmad:

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