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Jeep AD/Page loading Problems


Oct 19, 2004
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Okay, is this happening with anyone else who is using Firefox?

Every time I come onto to the hype, this stupid Jeep ad comes up , and each time it comes up it's the only thing on the screen and every time I have to re fresh the page over five times since it keep re appearing and re appearing.
Every time i click on a thread link, my UCP or the reply button the screen loads but only to a blank white page, i have to refresh a few times to get the page to appear, I am also having trouble getting the news pages to load at Comingsoon but every other site is fine.

Any ideas what is wrong ?

This is what i get:

:lmao: cheers pooch, i didn't realise this was the same problem as mine, i just figured it was another "These ads are ass. :mad:" threads. :woot:
I thought it was kind of odd that some evil Jeep ad was mentioned twice. :o
Do either of yo have adblock for Firefox? That should take care of the issue since that will stop the ad from loading.
Ive installed adblock, I'm not getting the jeep banner anymore but i am still getting the blank page at times. Also i am still getting other ads.
I'm having the same problem (had to refresh 3 times just to get to this post)
And I'm not getting this anywhere else so it's that bloody jeep ad or something else at boards causing it.
I'm having the same problem (had to refresh 3 times just to get to this post) And I'm not getting this anywhere else so it's that bloody jeep ad or something else at boards causing it.
Adblock works if you select remove ads but it also removes all smilies and shows all of the code when you quote a post. :huh:
Ok, think I've figured it out:
There was a recent update to Firefox that may be behind this but whatever he cause following this seems to have fixed this issue (so far at any rate):
1) Clear your private data (everything except cookies if you want to keep your login active)
2) If you have the 'Fasterfox' plug-in clear the cache on that too.

I did this with both and the boards have been fine since...so far...

It was all working fine until that Jeep ad came up again.:cmad:

That thing is definitely messing things up for Firefox atm.
The Adblock is no use, only removing all ads works and that means posting is made twice as hard, there must be another way, MALICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Jeep ad is actually the angry and vengeful ghost of a Jeep that once fell in love with a female Jeep, only to be dumped when he got too famous and had his own Internet ads. She dumped him for it, and now he takes out his revenge on YOU!

'nough said
Try downloading the list that accompanies it. Go back to the page you downloaded from and there should be an extra download to get rid of ads without screwing anything else up. I've been using it for months now and haven't had any problems posting, and no blank pages.
Okay, now it's both this stupid Jeep ad and a Chrysler car ad, this is driving me nuts, I'm going to use the adblocker and see how that does.
Kill the jeep....its very very annoying....

I dont know what blocker im using but im killing that too for being useless

But Im slowly being drawn more and more to the idea of buying a Jeep....its an effective ad i must say
this is pissing me off, how the hell do i fix this?
Ok....new attempt at fixing this bug:

1) Download and install adblock (the original, not adblock plus)

2) Load any shh board page.

3) Dont try and right-click on anything: In the bottom right of the browser you should see a small tab for adblock, click on that.

4) There's a list of blockable objects that comes up. Ignore the one with "jeep" (if it's there) the entry you need to click on begins like this:


Once clicked the full (and long) url name should be in the bottom pane. Edit this to remove all the extra text after '.net/' and add an asterix to the front so the whole line for the blocked entry should look exactly like this:


I have tried this and now I am getting no ads at all from the boards, so it's so far so good....I hope.
I managed to get adblockplus to work, i downloaded the whole list of banners to block and then created a filter to allow the sHH codes to be exempt...so far so good. :woot:
I'm using Internet Explorer and I'm getting the same problem :(:cmad:

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