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JJ Abrams/Eric Kripke team up for NBC thriller 'Revolution' - Part 1

EXCLUSIVE: With 2 new series, Person of Interest and Alcatraz, one returning, Fringe, and a Star Trek movie sequel on his plate, it wasn’t clear whether J.J. Abrams would be developing this year. He did and the result, a drama written by Supernatural creator/executive producer Eric Kripke, has gotten a pilot production commitment from NBC. Like most things JJ, details about the project titled Revolution are being kept under wraps but it’s being described as an epic adventure thriller. It hails from Abrams’ Bad Robot production company and Warner Bros. TV where the company is based. Abrams, Kripke and Bryan Burk are executive producing.
This is the second high-profile project for WME-repped Kripke this season. He also is writing/executive producing an adaptation of the DC Comic Deadman for the CW and WBTV.

NO!!!! :argh:

Eh, probably. :o

Though, after watching how The Walking Dead has used it's female characters in the post-apocalypse (particularly Lori and Andrea), it's refreshing to see Rachel, who is straightforward and knows what she wants. Even if that is "Avenge my son, no matter who it hurts or the potential ramifications for the entire planet."

The thing is she is still a mega *****, there is no balance to the characters actions. If she was on the other side then sure it would work, but there's no balance, she's all ice face all the time.

Just got caught up on the final two episodes...I love this show!

I'm with you, Hunter...I loved me some Nora...I'm gonna miss her sexy self. I want to see Daniella Alonso in a superhero film. I don't know what character...I just know she plays the bad@$$ heroine very well.

I also agree that Rachel is completely loathsome. I absolutely despise that character. What a *****!

I think Daniella Alonso has made her mark with this role, she'll get a steady stream of work now, hopefully something where she is a lead actress, unless she goes back to the character she was gonna play in Rizzoli & Isles before Revolution came up and she left.

She amazingly is even less empathetic than Monroe and Neville, she switches between being a ***** and having this hazy defeatist expression, and it sucks because I like me some Lizzy Mitchell & her chest canons.

I like the curve of the POTUS being introduced into the series. The scope of everything has now changed. How will Miles, Monroe and Neville react? I can't wait until fall!

I wonder if they might have to form an unholy trinity?
Was blown away by the season finale. I freaking LOVED IT!

My theory on...
The lighting storm. They said the nanites were all around the, in the air, etc... I think deactivating the nanites will cause SERIOUS global enviromental problems. It's my belief that they were actually interacting with nature and by instantly shutting them down there is going to be major enviromental consequences.
Was blown away by the season finale. I freaking LOVED IT!

My theory on...
The lighting storm. They said the nanites were all around the, in the air, etc... I think deactivating the nanites will cause SERIOUS global enviromental problems. It's my belief that they were actually interacting with nature and by instantly shutting them down there is going to be major enviromental consequences.

Hopefully next season will be a lot more Sci-Fi in nature because the ongoing war was starting to become a real bore.
Well it is a show called Revolution, one would assume that war/revolution would be an integral plot element.
Hopefully next season will be a lot more Sci-Fi in nature because the ongoing war was starting to become a real bore.

Yeah the war scenes were a bit on the weakside. With power available to everyone. Hopefully they can amp it up. If the budget is there.
I just don't want them to abandon sword-play and crossbow stuff.
Is Miles getting a new love interest? Jessica Collins (Zero Dark Thirty) is joining the cast of NBC’s post-apocalyptic drama Revolution for a major recurring role. According to the producers, Collins, who is already booked for the first four episodes of Season 2, will play Cynthia, a beautiful young woman of deep faith, whose winning humor and blazing intelligence capture the heart of one of Revolution’s leading characters. They wouldn’t elaborate which character but Miles Matheson (Billy Burke) is in need of a new lady love following the death of Nora in the freshman season finale.

I'll be bored if Miles gets another love interest. It feels like he's already had, like, 20 in the first season alone. Monroe might be more interesting, given that he's entirely on his own. Or Aaron. That dude definitely needs to get some.
NBC‘s Revolution has tapped Patrick Heusinger for a recurring guest role on the post-apocalyptic sci-fi series. Heusinger will play Adam, a handsome and outgoing 30-something. Heusinger’s previous credits include guest runs on the CW’s Gossip Girl and USA’s Royal Pains. On the big screen he recently appeared in IFC Films’ Frances Ha. Revolution returns in its second season premiere on September 25. Heusinger is repped by Gersh.
Someone to add to the love triangle, of course.
Surprise twist: He's the third piece of the Miles-Monroe love triangle. :o
SDCC Video:
That was waaaay more S2 footage than I was expecting. :eek::up:

But that end tease? You can't ****ing leave us hanging with that! :argh:
'Revolution' season 2 trailer drops nuclear spoiler
by James Hibberd on Jul 20, 2013 at 9:30PM

The panel: NBC’s tease-filled panel for Revolution season two, including showrunner Eric Kripke and several members of the cast.

Footage screened: A highlight reel that includes the first footage from season two (see below).

The big revelations: Usually panelists are totally paranoid about revealing any spoilers, but showrunner Eric Kripke drew gasps at Comic-Con by revealing — spoiler alert in case you’re not sufficiently warned by now — [blackout]that our heroes do not stop those nukes from falling on Philadelphia and Atlanta. “We’re trying to be the first network show in history that loses two American cities in the first 15 seconds [of a season],” [/blackout]Kripke said. “We’re back to a very intense set of basics, [a world] that’s even more dangerous than in season one.”

He also revealed the nation’s rebooted power would not stay on very long — barely at all, in fact. “Just enough to get the nukes in the air,” he said. Want more spoilers? Thanks to the sinister Patriots group, Gen. Monroe (David Lyons) and Miles (Billy Burke) will eventually team up. “The idea is to create a villain this year that’s so bad and so insidious that even our heroes and villains have to band together to face this threat.” The idea came from the writers just really wanting to see Miles and Monroe “kicking ass together.” The writer-producer notes that if the first season became a war show, the second will focus more on mystery and characters “rather than running and gunning.” Noted Kripke: “They’re up against a threat you can’t just swing a sword at.” Oh, and the Texas Rangers will make an appearance (the law enforcement agency, I’m assuming, not the baseball team). Overall Kripke assured next season will be better than the first.

Most incisive audience question: Here’s one thing that won’t change: A fan smartly asked if the show’s move to an early time-slot (8 p.m. on Wednesdays) means the show will be less graphic or violent. Kripke assured such levels would remain unchanged.
Well, damn.... [blackout]oh, you thought your "no electricity" apocalypse was bad? Well, how about we turn the lights back on for five minutes, drop some nukes on Atlanta and Philly and then turn the lights off again? Enjoy.[/blackout] :eek:
BIG spoiler that Miles thankfully got a hair cut!......Oh and [BLACKOUT]Aaron shish kebab[/BLACKOUT].

Interesting route for season 2, it seems like they have more to work with and I'm digging that sexy Lady giving the Patriots speech.
Within the 1st 15 seconds huh? Okay, you beat out Jericho which lost 4 in the series premiere.
According to TV Guide, Stephen Collins (who is really getting around on post-apocalyptic shows recently) is playing Rachel's father. :up:

Revolution Adds Stephen Collins as Rachel's Dad, Makes Season 2 Tweaks
by Kate Stanhope

7th Heaven vet Stephen Collins is joining the cast of Revolution for the NBC series' upcoming second season.

Collins' casting was announced Saturday when producers unveiled a new teaser trailer for Season 2 at the show's Comic-Con panel, moderated by TV Guide Magazine's Michael Schneider. Collins will be play Rachel's (Elizabeth Mitchell) father. "[He] brings an entirely new perspective on her, her upbringing," executive producer Rockne S. O'Bannon said. "He's a very important part of the world we got to inhabit in the first part of the season."

Cast additions are far from the only changes being made on the sophomore series. Creator and executive producer Eric Kripke said he and the writers have gone to great lengths to improve upon Season 1. "As good as it was, it needs to be better," Kripke said. "It was a lot of story about a light switch."

Key to that, Kripke says, was taking the pendant and the power off the table for the "forseeable" future — Kripke says the pendant will "emerge later in the season" — and expanding on last year's "limited" story-telling opportunities. "It's always been a show about family and hope and love, and now they can all move towards each other and not just make it so obsessed about the power. I think you'll see much more intimate digging into character," Kripke said. "Let's stop talking about the power and lets start talking about the world."

Kripke said he and the writers were excited to go back to basics and introduce a new group of villains in order to bring many of the show's main characters back together, particularly the feuding Miles (Billy Burke) and Monroe (David Lyons). "We just want to see Miles and Monroe kicking a-- together, and so it was like, 'OK, what are some of the ways we could do that?'Kripke said.

Enter a group called The Patriots — a group of people from Cuba who, despite their names, may not have America's best interests at heart. "They're just really, really bad dudes," Kripke said. "The idea was to create a villain this year that's so bad and so insidious and whose tentacles go so far, that even our heroes and our villains ultimately have to band together to fight this threat. They're using the iconography of stars and stripes and patroism, but they're using it as a mask. If you were to look behind closed doors ... you'll see that they are really, really bad dudes up to some nefarious stuff."

But exactly what the Patriots are after will remain a mystery for a little while. "Watching that unfold and how deep and how far back that unfolds, for us, is a much more satisfying engine," Kripke said.

O'Bannon said fans should not underestimate this season's baddies. "What's really cool is that the show is spinning into a really mythic saga on this grand scale. The villains we are bringing in are really big and bad and serpentine. Primarily our new characters are villains," he said.

The end result is something Kripke thinks fans will appreciate. "I think we have, no question, a better Season 2 than Season 1," he said.

So what will our favorite returning characters be up to when the show returns? Read on:

Charlie: "She's branching off on her own a little bit," Tracy Spiridakos said. "Now it's a few months later and she doesn't have anybody to bail her out. ... She has to rely on everything she's learned along her journey." Charlie will also do a little bit of soul-searching. "She gets to a place where her moral compass very much gets shattered," Spiridakos said. "She's got to figure it out. What's this thing that she been fighting for?

Miles: With Charlie off on her own, Miles will get in some quality one-on-one time with Rachel as producers explore and expand their relationship. "There was that little matter that he kidnapped and tortured her for awhile so it's complicated," Kripke said. "They really do have strong feelings for each other and its undeniable."

Monroe: "The game has been completely changed after the fall out of the nuclear holocaust," Lyons said. "He's on his own. He's stuck in a place, emotionally and physically, that is completely removed. But he probably won't be for very long." In the new Season 2 preview featured below, Monroe is seen throwing some punches. "I spent most of last season behind a desk talking about a pendant so I now to get out," Lyons said with a laugh.

Neville: "At the beginning of this second season, you literally see a guy who is broken," Giancarlo Esposito said of his character. Despite the ongoing tension between Neville and his son, Jason (JD Pardo), there is hope that Neville might begin to mend fences. "I love it because it's so complicated. This season, I think, is really about acceptance," Pardo said. "Like it or not they're family." But first, Neville will have to start taking his son more seriously. "When someone's growing up, you have to learn to respect them and once in a while something gets through," Esposito said. Pardo, for one, is optimistic. "I think they are going to make a great team," he said. Sadly, it looks like Neville's wife, Julia (Kim Raver), won't get such a happy ending. Esposito rebuffed theories that she died in the holocaust, but made her return sound very unlikely. "We haven't found her, let's put it that way," Esposito said.

Revolution returns on Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 8/7c on NBC. Are you excited to meet Rachel's dad?
Last edited:
Revolution Exclusive: Jim Beaver Books Guest Spot, Reunites With Supernatural Producers

Revolution boss Eric Kripke has recruited another one of his former Supernatural colleagues.

Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby Singer on the Kripke-created CW series, will appear on Season 2 of the hit NBC drama, TVLine has learned exclusively.

The actor will guest-star as John Franklin Fry, “a hard-ass, whip smart Texas Ranger who allies with Miles,” describes Kripke.

Beaver’s installment, titled “One Riot, One Ranger,” marks new consulting producer and ex-Supernatural scribe Ben Edlund’s first writing credit on the show (alongside co-EP David Rambo). The episode will air in mid-October.

Among the Supernatural vets who visited Revolution during Season 1 are Mark Pellegrino, Todd Stashwick and Colin Ford.

Beaver — who is set to reprise his Super role as Bobby this fall — counts Justified, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Harper’s Island, John from Cincinnati and Big Love among his many TV credits.

Revolution returns on Wednesday, Sept. 25, at 8/7c.
Edlund, huh? Bring it.
Exclusive: Zeljko Ivanek Joins Revolution
by Sadie Gennis

Zeljko Ivanek will guest-star on Revolution this season, TVGuide.com has learned exclusively.

The Argo star will play Dr. Calvin Horn, whom creator Eric Kripke describes as "meticulous" and "a deeply curious scientist."

Ivanek, whose previous TV credits include Damages, Heroes and Big Love, will be one of a few new faces on Revolution this season, which will also feature Stephen Collins and Adam Beach.

Are you excited to see Ivanek on Revolution? Whose side do you think Dr. Horn will be on?

Revolution returns Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 8/7c on NBC.
^That guy is everywhere! lol He's gonna be in Season 2 of the amazing Cinemax series Banshee also.

PREVIOUSLY ON... | Aaron and Rachel turned the power back on, inadvertently setting the stage for a nuclear missile attack against Atlanta and Philadelphia (...by the Cuba-residing President of the United States?). Neville overthrew Monroe, who was set free by Miles, and Nora was killed in The Tower chaos.

COMING UP NEXT | Things aren't looking so good for Charlie & Co.: It's three months later and two major cities have been destroyed, the power is out again and the pendants aren't working. As a result of all that destruction, the Matheson clan is "fractured," says creator Eric Kripke. "Charlie splits up from the family" -- and gets tangled up with bounty hunter Adam (played by Gossip Girl's Patrick Heusinger) -- while "Rachel has a complete and total nervous breakdown. We pick up with Season 2 and Rachel is just coming out of what was a very serious, occasionally catatonic state, and is fragile as she has to face this new threat." That new Big Bad would be The Patriots, "an insidious conspiracy of people who are draping themselves in the American flag, but they are not America." Neville and Jason will meet one of their members, Secretary Allenford (Soul Food's Nicole Ari Parker), when they travel to the East Coast to find Julia Neville and witness the nuclear missile devastation firsthand. Monroe, meanwhile, is "indulging in women and alcohol, trying to drink and screw away the pain," previews Kripke. "He's in a much grungier, grimier place, as are all our characters. We really tried to take 'the Noxzema clean' out of the show this year."

TVLINE BONUS SPOILER | Look for Aaron to fall for Rubicon alumna Jessica Collins' "devoutly religious" Texas resident.

RETURN DATE | Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 8/7c (NBC)

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