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Joss Whedon developing Marvel SHIELD series for ABC

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Joss Whedon will return to the Marvel Studios fold for a sequel to The Avengers. Whedon will also create a Marvel-related TV series for ABC.


Having him shepherd Marvel’s foray into television is also an interesting move. Whedon is best known for creating Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin-off Angel, as well as the short-lived sci-fi-themed show Firefly. While his ratings track records is mixed, he has a proven knack of creating shows that inspire passionate followings.

His double duties on the film and TV sides may be a hint that Marvel could be creating not only multiple movies but an even broader universe that also includes the small screen.

ABC is still developing a potential Hulk series with Guillermo Del Toro attached. "It wasn't going to be ready this season but we hope it's going to be ready for next season," ABC entertainment president Paul Lee said in May.

Any show to reach the air would be the first Marvel-oriented show since Blade, the short-lived vampire show that air on Spike TV in 2006 and was a small-screen version of the New Line action horror movies.
I hope Joss really gets to let his Joss flag fly with a series like this. I loved Avengers and thought he did a great job of making a crossover like that work, but compared to some of the other stuff he's done, the story telling just can't compare.
Could the show he's working on be Hulk? Del Toro did say they are waiting for a big-named writer to be announced.

GUILLERMO DEL TORO: I had one meeting with Marvel after Avengers and we had a very, very good chat. We have a writer that we want to bring on board, a very, very concrete name. I can’t reveal it, but we want to wait for that writer. It’s a writer who is otherwise engaged. So right now we are in a holding pattern until that writer becomes free. Then we’re going to do a new draft of the script.

I'd really love to see him team up with BKV on a Runaways series.
This is awesome news! We need a heroes for hire street level series in the MCU or damage control. Either one could introduce lots of characters
It's going to be a team story, because big casts are what he does. Runaways or an X-Men property seem like the most likely candidates.
Any Joss Whedon TV show is a must-watch for me...so a Joss Whedon Marvel show? F*** YEAH.

I would LOVE if it turned out to be Heroes for Hire.
Any Joss Whedon TV show is a must-watch for me...so a Joss Whedon Marvel show? F*** YEAH.

I would LOVE if it turned out to be Heroes for Hire.

Of course, that would pretty much be a show about Super-Gunn and Kung-Fu-Wesley.

Which I am okay with.

Pretty much any Marvel team book that's B-List or lower is a likely candidate.

And isn't explicitly X-Related, 'cause of Fox.

But seeing as how Runaways was a book Whedon actually wrote, and the creator of the book, Brian K. Vaughn, has TV writing experience and could probably work with Whedon as co-showrunner, that seems the most likely.
There already was a Runaways film in development, this would be something that ABC could air Sunday nights with Once Upon A Time.
Last year they had 4 projects for the pilot season. All of them fell through. Now they're rewriting Hulk again to tie in with marvel cinematic universe. Also another marvel project to tie in with the avengers but none of the main cast will be in there. I'm sure things will work out so well for this this year.
This Hulk series was always going to be tied into the MCU.
That's never been confirmed.
My brain/heart&body is ready!
I had a thread going for this over in the avengers workd section. When the abce show was first mentioned the other week. Great to hear whedon is going to help develop it.

Now I just curious to see what the show will be. Since of course it won't be about the main avengers guys. Most be to prricey for a tv show budget. I am still rooting for a shield show. Where we could see appearance of maria hill(smulders) once in awhile. And have the shield no name guys lower level shield comic guys pop in. And take out terrorists and low lvl general marvel baddies. And this could be on budget show no need to have the helicarrior be main set. The agents could work out of a hidden base.

Or maybe whedon can redevelop that jessica jones show that abc first passed on. He be good with that with his female show background. And again another easy way to throw some shield guys in and what not.
I thought the Hulk was gonna be its own thing. Also, while the Del Toro quote syncs up with Whedon developing a show thing, I think the show Whedon is developing is the one Deadline reported on a few weeks ago.
10 Marvel Comics Joss Whedon Could Bring to TV
From She-Hulk to Heroes for Hire to Young Avengers, we look at characters we think would make sense for Joss Whedon's just-announced Marvel TV show.
by Eric Goldman

It’s happening and we can hardly believe it. Joss Whedon is not only returning to write and direct The Avengers 2, but he’s also helping develop a TV series for Marvel and ABC, set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What will this TV show be? For now, we have no idea. But there are obviously a ton of possibilities. And suffice to say, the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly returning to TV to expand the world he already proved such a great fit with on The Avengers has us excited. Even assuming Whedon is more of a consultant than a hands on showrunner, there still are plenty of intriguing paths to go. Here are some potentials that make the most sense to us...


S.H.I.E.L.D. have been a big part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the first Iron Man movie and Agent Coulson was an endearing and humanizing element of the films. In fact, it would seem like an obvious route for a TV show…

…if Coulson hadn’t been killed in The Avengers. Sure, this is a comic book-based world, and who’s to say Coulson might not come back at some point? But for now, the character who would most likely seem appropriate for the lead in a S.H.I.E.L.D. based show is gone. And yeah, we wonder about Maria Hill too, but Cobie Smulders has at least one more year of How I Met Your Mother ahead, and it’s looking likely there could be more than that. Plus, this more militarized world wouldn’t seem the most compelling one to Whedon, given his previous work, especially without Coulson there… That being said, it certainly could still happen. We just don't see it as the most likely candidate.

Young Avengers

We don’t expect this Marvel TV show, whatever it is, to be “Avengers: The TV Series.” And yet, there is a way to put Avengers in the title – with a property that would be a lot of fun on TV.

With Buffy, Whedon showed his ability to bring us fully realized, sympathetic and east to root for teenage characters. A TV show about this group of young superheroes – who have emulated themselves on the Avengers we’ve seen in the films – would be a great set up and easy way to tie a TV series into the films, without needing to have Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans show up each week (though we wouldn’t mind a cameo or two).

And yes, on a similar note, Avengers Academy is another route that would certainly make sense...


The rights to Blade have reverted back to Marvel, meaning the character could now be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though no, it’s not likely that Joss Whedon would want to tackle his third TV show about vampires. But given the fact that he’s proven he can do kick ass stories about both vampires and about Marvel Universe characters, we’re just saying… We’d watch the hell out of this. Just think about the Buffy in-jokes alone!

Jessica Jones

We heard a lot about "AKA Jessica Jones" as a potential project for the last couple of years from Marvel/ABC, with Melissa Rosenberg (Dexter, the Twilight films) writing a script that has yet to be produced. Jessica Jones makes a lot of sense for a TV series – Alias, the comic book she first appeared in, had a grounded, gritty tone that would work well with a smaller TV budget.

Whedon is drawn towards strong female characters, and Jessica Jones is a wonderful character – with all of the faults and strengths to make for plenty of compelling stories. Plus, her role as a private detective working in the Marvel universe is a great way to touch upon little corners of Marvel or introduce new characters into this world. Rosenberg’s script was said to include Luke Cage and Carol Danvers in supporting roles and it would be amazing to see what Whedon could do with them – possibly leading to bigger roles in future Avengers films.

Heroes for Hire

Speaking of Luke Cage, another way to go would be to have a show more centered on Luke and his sometime partner, Danny Rand/Iron Fist. Kind of like the short-lived Human Target (from DC), but much more willing to embrace its comic book background -- costumes included -- Heroes for Hire would provide a nice unlikely partners setup and the potential for a lot of fun stories about Luke and Danny working together.

There’s also room for the Heroes for Hire duo to become more of a larger group as time goes on – starting with characters like Misty Knight and Colleen Wing and perhaps expanding out to others. In the comics, after all, there have been larger Heroes for Hire teams, that included everyone from Black Knight to Shang Chi to… Well, the next person on this list.


She’s whip smart, sassy, funny and incredibly strong. Could there be a more perfect character for Joss Whedon? The Hulk’s cousin, Jennifer Walters, is a lawyer turned superhero and her best comic book stories (most notably Dan Slott’s She-Hulk series a few years back) delved into both these worlds. She-Hulk’s sense of humor is a big part of her character, something Whedon excels at – but she also has plenty of depth and the ability to be used in dramatic storylines as well and Whedon is a master at suddenly shifting tones.

Having seen what wonderful work Whedon did with Jennifer’s cousin Bruce in Avengers, this seems like a logical leap for him to make. All you’d need is Mark Ruffalo to guest star in the pilot to give Jennifer that blood transfusion and you’re off and running.


Right now this is wishful thinking, given that Fox still has a hold on Daredevil. But there is speculation that could end very soon . And if Daredevil were to fully revert back to Marvel, he would be right at home on TV. His powers are toned down enough to not need a massive budget, while his comic book history gives you a ton of excellent stories to pull from. Like She-Hulk, Matt Murdock is a lawyer, giving you a bit of a procedural element for a TV series as well – but mixed in with plenty of overreaching arcs as his alter-ego battles criminals like Kingpin and Bullseye.

We'd love to see Daredevil back on the big screen eventually as well, but there's no reason you couldn't first introduce him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe via TV first. Marvel's become so ambitious with their longterm plans, and DD would be an appropriate character to build up within television, before he returns to the film world (yes, using the same actor).

Damage Control

As we saw at the end of Avengers, when a bunch of superheroes fight, say, an alien god and his army, a lot of stuff gets trashed. Enter Damage Control, the group who come in to fix things after superhero battles. A Damage Control series could chart how such a group is founded, in the wake of this rise of superheroes and villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The main characters would mostly be of the human variety, but there would be plenty of opportunities for superhero guest stars, from the powerful to the silly.

Cloak and Dagger

Teenage characters mixed with superheroics and some surprisingly dark topics? Sounds like Joss Whedon to us!

Cloak and Dagger’s origins, involving abduction and drugs, would give a TV show some real substance to build on – while the main characters outcast nature and their dealings with more of the seedy underbelly of the Marvel Universe could provide plenty of fodder for weekly stories.


Marvel has been developing a Runaways movie for awhile, though things have been quiet on that front recently. But the thing is, Runaways makes much more sense as a TV show. The story of a group of next generation superhero teenagers who discover their parents are actually supervillains, Runaways felt so much like a cool Joss Whedon story that Joss Whedon eventually wrote an arc on the comic book!

Like Young Avengers, this feels like the kind of characters and storylines Whedon could absolutely knock out of the park on TV, given his history with young and dysfunctional characters who eventually become a formidable team – with a strong, family-like bond.
Runaways, please. :o:up:
I would either want a Shield show or Young Avengers/Avengers Academy show. Though to bad that BW/Hawkeye are played by strictly movie actors since it would be a nice way to flesh them out more on tv.
Would be cool if its the del toro hulk show. But its more likely the other. Which I still say shield would be a good concept to go with. Orr a jessica jones/heroes for hire hybrid show. That is what I like to see.

I doubt its runaways since marvel been trying to get a film going. And cloak and dagger would be cool but rrumors was forr that to be on abc family. But nothing on that or mockingbird has come up since jessica jones show was passed.

I also doubt it be dd, right now dd is in flux with fox and on verge of going back to marvel. But I rather he be a film character. But could work on tv budget.

I doubt we see blade again after last one didn't fair well. And shehulk I would leave for avengers sequels or for hulk solo films. Unless hulk show happens to have herr show up there.

Now young avengers could work counting if they went with lower class powered guys. But still a group hero show could be pricey. So I still think shield or maybe damage control would be more budget friendly shows.
I don't like the idea of Young Avengers or Avengers Academy just now because it feels so soon after The Avengers. The Avengers should be established as a team for awhile before something like this comes along.
Why is there so little Runaways love?
o, I would love for the runaways to be made into a show, it would be difficult to do though without mutants. characters like molly (was that her name?) would have to be adjusted,
o, I would love for the runaways to be made into a show, it would be difficult to do though without mutants. characters like molly (was that her name?) would have to be adjusted,

Marvel didn't sell Fox the concept of genetic mutation. All they have to do is not feature the X-Men and they're good.
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