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Judge Dredd vs Death


Apr 3, 2006
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I got a copy of this finally after some searching.

I am what I guess you would call a Judge Dredd fan. Not a huge one by any means....my first exposure was to the movie (which I unapolegetically love and think is an underrated gem of a movie), and a mag launched for 'younger' dredd fans in the uk years and years back. From there I went onto a few audio tapes, specifically the excellent 'the day the law died', and even dabbled in the 'real' comics (one in which Dredd PWNS the crap out of Batman and uses a criminal as 'back up' in his own unique way...think Punisher and Spidey's 'team up' against the Russian) and have Judge Dredd vs Aliens on order.

I really dig this game. I love the lawgiver, and the weapons feel so meaty, and the cutscenes have a brilliant feel to them and a solid storyline, and some GREAT levels (the zombies in a mall level? Brilliant!) and some great multiplayer games such as Block war and zombie apocalypse. Anyone have any thoughts on this game?

On another subject, can anyone reccomend any really good JD comics I might want to look into? Im specifically interested in stories with Judge Death, any zombie/horror stories with Dredd and that story where he nukes a city (what was the deal with that?)

To sum up, Judge Dredd is a bad ass.
I can't remember the game too well anymore, but I know I had fun with it. It's been a couple of years since I last played it. Loved the gun, was always fun to knock some Zombie heads in when I was out of ammo.
BTW did you get AVP: Extinction yet? Im curious to know what you think of it....you will probably need cheats for some of the missions though, especially the Predators, which are super hard.

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