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just a heads up


Aug 2, 2005
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kb is adding on to their promotion tomorrow
marvel legends are going to be 5.99 til the 30th
so if there have been some youve been on the fence about or want some fodder.....
The Hasbro ones too? Im lokking for the Green Quickie! hahahaa
ya hasbro ones, old toybiz ones are already all permanetly marked down to 599 and 499
that would have been gone a long time ago my friend
but now you can get a quicksilver for 599 and paint it green,that will save you all kinds of money
You know what HC? I do a lot of customizing....at the moment I am working on a Madame Hydra, SHIELD agent and a custom sentinel.
But for some reason...I am not a fan of customizing my legends, by this I mean the ones I am displaying...

Is that wierd? :huh:
ya because most customs look like customs.... unless your EXTREMELY good...

i know i wont display a bad custom i do.. only if it's a mod that makes the fig better (ala emma)

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