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Just had one scary dream.

There's a day dream..well...err..dream, I guess. In this dream...well, it's a day dream. I'm almost asleep, like one more minute and I am in lala land. Anyway, I'm climbing this really big ladder. It's total darkness, except for this light shinning on the ladder. As I'm climbing this ladder, the worst possible thing happens. I slip and I am about to fall. I wake up kicking one of my legs, usually the right one. I think every now and then I kick both legs. What does this mean? I have it like...maybe twice a year. I like the dream...just want to know what the **** it means.
well it suggests going after something that's unobtainable or that you think is unobtainable literally. not sure of any other significance.
I have a recurring dream where I am in a deserted town square, and Dennis Miller (or a guy who looks a lot like Dennis Miller) is levitating a small, naked infant about 30 feet in the air. He threatens to drop it unless I give him something (the something varies--in the dream sometimes I have it, sometimes I don't). Anyway, the dream always ends the same way--the kid gets dropped and smashed all over the pavement at my feet.

Unsettling? Just a bit.:down

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