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Justin Long Aboard Die Hard 4


Jul 10, 2006
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While the official announcement is expected within the next few days, the IESB can confirm that he is in the final stages of his negotiations. He will either play the son of John McClane, of course, reprised by Bruce Willis or a computer hacker that he teams up with. When asked during the Accepted press day today in Los Angeles, Justin would not confirm or deny the news but would only say that he will be quite sleepless this weekend.
Long also confirmed that Len Wiseman, of Underworld fame rumored to be in talks, is in fact directing.
Twentieth Century Fox has been seen scouting Vancouver Canada for the big action sequel. The fourth installment of the franchise finds hero John McClane coming out of retirement to battle an Internet terrorist organization.
Stay tuned for more news as it develops.

Len Wiseman as a writer sucks ass as a director he's not bad I guess, Justin Long kicks ass though so perhaps this might be all right...
They should just mix the son and hacker into one so it's not so confusing.
I like Justin Long.
I like Justin Long.

I think he'll do great.

I've been waiting for DH4 forever.
Vengeance was so great, I just don't want them to end Die Hard on a bad note.
Carter said:
Vengeance was so great, I just don't want them to end Die Hard on a bad note.

I've been thinking the same way.

Vengeance was such a great way to top a trilogy, but Bruce is a big part of the planning process, I'm sure he knows what will be great.
I seen him in NYC. He was on the pavement doing stuff for Herbie...

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