Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. For PSP

yes!!! a thread for my most anticipated game!! :O lol I cant wait for this game. Heard nothing but fantastic things about how it handles and the story looks to be killer. So excited..
yeah, i bet it'll be pretty great. i'm excited.
word is we'll be seeing a ton of new info about the game at tokyo game show this year. In an recent interview with Tetsuya Nomura. Check it out on khinsider. Its pretty vague but hey it's news. :)
when's the tokyo game show? this summer??
nah its in fall. This year's will be in the very last week of Sept
He also said they will be releasing new info during this summer but at TGS it'll be a new trailer showing off the "fighing spirit of the game." I'm not sure what he means by that, meaning more gameplay or just what the game will overall be like. I'm too excited for this title for all the answers it's gonna imply and how it connects to a future KH title.
i'm hoping the future of the series incoporates some ideas from 'days' and 'bbs' like multiplayer and multiple playable characters.
I've been playing Re: Chain of Memories since I got it for Christmas and wow is it underwhelming. The card system of battle is so not fun. :confused: Not to mention trying to find a certain card can be one of the most tedious tasks ever.

I'm looking forward to BBs though, I'm curious what happens to Terra and the other former Keyblade holders

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