Last Video Game You Played 2.0 - Part 2

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The Witcher 2
deus ex HR and saints row 3 with the professor genki preorder exploder, super, money shot, and horror costume add ons
The last game I completed is Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. The last game I played at all was Final Fantasy VII, but didn't get around to finish it (again).
Mortal Komabt arcade package on the PS3: MKII

Naruto Shippuuden Ultimate Ninja Storm: Generations
Man, this demo doesn't start easy, Sasuke sliced me mercilessly twice in a row

Ninja Gaiden 3 Demo
I hate it when demos of what possibly could be great fun games are bland and dull

Lego Batman 2 Demo
Lex Luthor is as cool as always, and him being voiced by Clancy Brown again is actually awesome, though it's unfortunate Bruce isn't voiced by either Conroy or Greenwood

The Amazing Spider-Man (PC)
Two things I have to say about this after playing this long:
How do mugs attacking civilians know Spidey is a kid?
And heh, comic pages pop up at random places, wasn't as easy as I hoped to find all pages, but maybe it's easier than it would have been if pages appeared in their places
Couldn't find a madden 13 thread, but damn the new physics are incredible. It finally feels like a next-gen madden.
Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (PS3) (when I want to go through the early games/moments but without some of the more tedious mechanics and such of the early games......Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles suffice...)...also makes me wish they'd port the Remake and 0 to PS3...
Leviathan DLC for ME3
I haven't played a video game in a LONG time...But I just restarted Pokemon Fire Red and really getting into it again.
Finished Dragon's Dogma. So now jumping back, and forth inbetween Deus Ex, and White Knight Chronicles 2.
I prefer the first in most things, what I like more here is the amount of details, putting down something/someone gently after pressing the grab button, and the bigger map
Resident Evil: Director's Cut (going through the series before 6 comes out)
Just completed Mass Effect 3 1st time.
Legend of Dragoon. This'll probably be my answer for the next of weeks.

I downloaded it coz it's only $2.50 and it looks a lot like Lone Survivor. I wasn't expecting much but... yeah, that was a chilling adventure.
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