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Lee Pace is Ronan

Yeah his role was a bit of a let down, was expecting a bit more, but if we get a sequel of Carol vs The Accusers all will be forgiven.
Soooo I’m not hating on his small part for one reason and one reason only.

That was NOT the Ronan from Guardians, and I now am 100% on board for finding out what the heck happens to this dude to turn him into the full blown psycho nutjob later. I totally did not know that more Ronan was something that I wanted until now.
Hopefully he shows up in the CM sequel and we find out what turns him to the religious zealot we saw in GOTG.
Man, Ronan was really underutilized. He was only in the movie for less 2 minutes!
What a colossal waste of this character yet again.
I actually had no problem with Ronan in this, it didn't need to be a large role, and he's effectively-enough established as the Kree hardass authority figure.

The fact there are a bunch of other Accusers (at least in the way they're portrayed) was a little lame though. Just keep him as the sort of Kree tip-of-the-spear lone Captain America-equivalent, rather than what sort of equated to just...a General in WWII British Bomber Command, one of many, fighting from the business end of a spaceship.

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