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Leone Westerns fans, rejoice.

Aug 30, 2004
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From IGN...

February 23, 2005 - Ask and ye shall receive. A reader wanted to know if the other two films in Sergio Leone's Man With No Name Trilogy -- Fistful of Dollars and For A Few Dollars More -- would ever come out on DVD. I said I'd seen info on a spaghetti western web site but couldn't remember the title.

Enter a helpful Insider with the address: www.fistful-of-leone.com. There I found all the details. A Fistful of Dollars, For A Few Dollars More and A Fistful of Dynamite (a.k.a. Duck You Sucker) will be released in Europe on April 18 and in the U.S. in the summer.

Like The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, all three films have been fully restored (presumably by Lowry) and will have missing scenes restored. Here are the details for each title:

A Fistful of Dollars: Special Edition

Fully Restored Version
Audio Commentary
A New Kind of Hero - Documentary
A Few Weeks Off in Spain - Interview with Clint Eastwood
Cinque Voci Featurette
Not Ready for Primetime - Featurette
Additional Scene - The Network Prologue
Restoration, Italian Style
Double Bill Trailer for A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More
Radio Spots
Collector's Gallery

For a Few Dollars More: Special Edition

Fully Restored Sound and Picture
Audio Commentary
A New Standard - Documentary
Back For More - Clint Eastwood Interview
Tre Voci - Interviews with Sergio Leone
Original American Release Version - Featurette on Alternative Versions
Restoration Notebook
Locations Comparisons
Rare Double Bill Trailer
Collector's Gallery
Radio Spots
Original Theatrical Trailer

Fistful of Dynamite (a.k.a. Duck You Sucker): Special Edition

Fully Restored with Extended Footage
Audio Commentary
Bigger, Louder, Deeper - Documentary on Leone
Sergio Dontai: The Screenwriter Remembers Duck You Sucker
The Autry Exhibition: Sergio Leone Comes to the USA
Visions And Versions: A Visual Analysis of Duck You Sucker
Finding The Original Version: Restoring Duck You Sucker
Locations Comparisons
Radio Spots

Great but what about Once upon a time in the west?
TreNt said:
Great but what about Once upon a time in the west?

Dude, there's already a great Special Edition DVD of OUATITW :confused:

Aw man, I already own the regular edition DVDs. :(

I've never heard of Fistful of Dynamite...what's that about?
Wolfwood said:
Aw man, I already own the regular edition DVDs. :(

I've never heard of Fistful of Dynamite...what's that about?
Thats the movie I'm waiting for. Its never been on DVD and is never on TV. I don't understand why? Anyway that link should help with any questions about thatmovie.
Wolfwood said:
Aw man, I already own the regular edition DVDs. :(

Haha me too, but they're such great movies I'll get them anyway.
And it's not like they double dipped within 6 months of the original release, like most companies are doing now.
Besides, it's the freaking Man with no name! (Even though he does have a name :o )

Wolfwood said:
I've never heard of Fistful of Dynamite...what's that about?

I've never seen "A fistful of dynamite" myself, but come on, Rod Steiger as a Mexican revolutionary soldier and James Coburn as an IRA explosives expert, directed by Sergio Leone?
I'm down :up:
Excellentness. I don't think it's nice, you critics laughin'...
A Fistful of Dynamite is the 2nd part in Leone's Once Upon a Time Trilogy. Although it doesnt bare the name of the other 2 films (Once Upon a Time in the West, and... In America). All 3 of those films were intended to take place during key points in americas history. Expansion towards the West, The Industrial Revolution (A Fistful of Dynamite), and The Great Depression.
thank god...now I can sell the regular edition box set I have with the Dollar's trilogy...I hate having TGTBATU twice :o
once upon a time in the west is the greatest film of all time in my book
I'm pissed too. I haven't seen a Fistful of Dynamite in a long time.
awesome. Just awesome! I have them all on dvd (except dynamite) and I have the good the bad and the ugly special edition, i can't wait for the rest.

My favorite thing to do is just sit back and have a little leone marathon. I can't wait!
Gammy79 said:
Jesus Christ Superstar...WHEN? :mad:

If you lived in Germany you wouldn't be needing to ask that question ;)
Or you could be a man and stick it out like the rest of us :up:
Or you could be a manlier man (manliest ever) and demand these movies in their proper versions, like me :mad: :up:

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