Transformers Less is MORE.....the Less the BETTER.... a Transforming problem


Mar 6, 2005
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Written by Chris KThe saying "More than the meets the eye".... could be defined as "there is more than you see".....Obvious....

Well watching G1 1980's cartoon series recently and then trying to watch, the series, CYBERTRON or EnGERGON..... It took me a bit to figure out why I hate it, why the look wasnt right......Then I realised.....In the new Cybertron or Energon series, there is too MUCH. The Robots are too Detailed.....

Back in G1 series.....The robots were more basic....Yet it is this simiplicity that makes the show easy to watch. The robots don't look so cluttered or bulky or awkard..... Sure the newer cartoons may approach the transformation from car to robot in a more scienctific manner and hence this over the top detail but it spoils the look.

Now.....The NEW film needs this approach.....The robots need to be basic in look Like G1 series. Simplicity in them more warmth than a robot with hundreds of parts and over the top detail....

This is fantasy.... Some corners can be skipped when transforming from a robot to a car. Every detail does not need to be accountered for.....
After hearing the latest rumours over at I think we'll all get a shock how our favourite bots are going to look on the big screen.

It sounds like the bots are going to virtually turn inside out or at least have lots of folding and interlinking sections to them.

I personally thought that with todays technology the look from the original G1 toon wouold be easily achievable. I just hope they don't 'kill' the franchise before it's started.
Personally, I think it's ok to go towards moe realism because this is a movie and not a cartoon, but if that means that they'll change the original look of characters beyond recognition, then to bad place with it! Give us the G1 cartoon!
Well, I'm frankly worried about the direction this mvie's going in, not just because I'm not a huge fan of Michael Bay, but we were promised a movie that was more G1 than revisionist Transformers type products. it actually seems like this is not true what with them making Optimus gunmetal gray in color. I just have to ak what is Hollywood's aversion to primary colors? Someone over at the gony Booth forums suggested Optimus will not be red and blue because of Bay's cherished Orange filter.

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