Let's just say I wanted to start a podcast....


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Jul 19, 2003
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How exactly would one go about doing such a thing?
^no matter
found this on about.com

Choose A Recording Software. You need a tool to edit the audio for your podcast. Mac Users should check out this GarageBand tutorial while PC users can try Audacity's software. Plus there are a number of great all-purpose podcast software solutions you can use to record your podcast as well.

Choose A Microphone. The Shure Beta is a great option for beginning podcasters, with great features for about $160.00. Keep in mind you'll need a USB interface for this mic to go into your computer. If you want to start with a simpler/cheaper solution, a USB Headset Mic is a good buy for under $30.

Write/Plan The Podcast. Content is King in the Podosphere. Poor material means potential subscribers will stop listening almost as soon as they've started. Learn how successful podcasters create their content or consider giving an interview to provide value to your audience. Identify Your Audience to determine who you're podcasting for, and remember to follow your passion like the best podcasters out there and focus on creating honest, insightful content.

Record The Podcast. Whether you plan to record your audio via a Conference Call Line, a Handheld Digital Recorder, or via your Personal Podcast Studio, it's important to experiment with various techniques to maximize sound quality. It's also important to listen to audio experts to improve your techniques or consider upgrading your gear as you gain experience.
So yeah, I'm seriously wanting to get into this. So all I really need is a mic and an editing program am I correct? Anyone else try out doing a little podcasting?

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