Superman Returns Lex Luthor movie figure? WHEN is that bad boy comin' out?


Dec 19, 2004
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Well the 2nd trailer is here...fantastic! (however not too overly impressed with the 'campy' business...ah's a friggin' Superman movie! :D :supes: YEAHHH!!!!)

With a big movie like this it's no surprise action figures are on the way! I picked up the Clark to Superman figure from Mattel toys 5 -inch figure line. I must say that Mattel really screwed the pooch on these figures just like the Batman Begins line. Look what they are capable of producing and they take a mutli-GAZILLION dollar movie and make utter crap off of it!

LoL...i'm starting to sound a tad negative here eh? ;)

ANYWAYS I just wanted to know when the Luthor figure is coming out. I don't have the best looking Superman movie figure but he is a Superman movie figure nonetheless and I want a Lex to fight him!

Anyone know when this figure arrives? So far the Toys R Us just has all Superman.


Second wave I guess, around the release of the film?
Hmmm...guess so, thanks man! Just figured someone might see the post and be like "OH yeah I've got me a Luthor figure here....I'll post some pics!"...but guess not :)

I did some research on these guys...check this out: Luthor has a 'henchman' figure, which makes sense...some cannon fodder for see them in the trailer and whatnot...but here is an example of Mattels cheapness. This 'henchman' is merely a Luthor figure with a tanned face and a .....rastah dreadlock style do? Weird....

strange thing is Luther doesnt have a henchmen that looks like that.... im curious to see what suprises is singer hiding from us
Oh my friend.....I am pretty sure that Mattel being the toy company that it is wouldn't actually have anything that is movie authentic. Hence the reason for the outlandish Superman/Batman movie figures.

I am 100% sure Luthor doesn't have that green armour. Although we see the gattling/chain gun shooting scene in the trailer I think the guy holding it is just some goon...and they just produced some goon albeit a really crappy one.

Sigh...what I wouldn't give for some amazing Neca style Superman Returns action figures...or heck, even Superman Returns movie toys that are like the other well crafted superhero figures Mattel put out. I wonder why they chose to ruin this line?
Im sure its just a wacky varient or something... Nothing to do with the actual film.


I've gotta' say after seeing the SR line at Target up close, they are a bit better than the Batman Begins line, I can't wait to get a Lex myself.

Hope he won't be hard to find.

He mentioned using alien technology in the new trailer, maybe he will have that armor in the movie.

The closest thing to a Lex fig right now is the Freeze breath Superman figure comes with a cut out of Lex.
I was thinking Stanford....Kal Penn right? The dude from Harold & that movie was gold!

But yeah...I guess the Superman Returns figures (well the Clark to Superman figure at least ...ball jointed shoulders rule!) are better and have more of a 'movie feel' to them than the Batman Begins figures...while still being really ****ty though.

The 'movie' boxed Collector Batman Begins figure that was sold in Europe and as a Wizard/Toyfare exlcusive was the shizznit though! Very cool figure, the cape, the rubbery feel to the suit, the articulation. Just wish his hands weren't so big and had wrist movement, his head sculpt was new and size wasn't so small....hate the 5-inch figures. The 7-inch action figures are the best!

Back to Lex though...the green armour can be taken off and I THINK it looks like he might be sportin' a tie there...that 1st Lex figure might not be bad. The Artic one looks pretty cool with that missle launcher. And that cardboard cut out thing that the *****io Superman comes with is sooooo bad! Bleech!

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