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L'il boy saves sister from pitbulls

And more innocents get harmed due to poor pet ownership.

Also, Micheal Vick is scum. :awesome:
Why people in North America think its their God-given right to keep as many uncontrollable animals as they want is beyond me. The pet lobby is sometimes worse than the gun lobby.
People either treat their animals like property and toys or they treat them like ****ing royalty. Neither is good for the animal.
There's a small but growing population of people who do treat their pets appropriately; as non-human family members.
The other day i saw this black dude walkin down the street all decked out in his bling and stuff with two pitbulls on leashes. Those things are dangerous
I always get nervouse around Pit Bulls, but I have known several that were friendly. The scary thing though is my neighbors keep their fences unlocked and their dog has gotten out several times. I almost hit it with my car once. I don't understand why some people don't keep their yards locked.
The thing about em is that once they bite you, they lock down and its extremely hard to get them to let go. Until they tear off your hand or something.
Although some friends of mine had a friendly one, and it had the biggest muscles ive ever seen on an animal. And it was really fun to wrestle around with. But unfortunately many are not treated well and are kept just to be ferocious
People that let their dogs run around free or walk them sans leashes are the worst.
I hate seeing stray dogs. how hard is it to lock the gate? Jeez.
Why is it always the pitbulls that seem to snap?


Pits have a bad rep due to their history as fighting dogs, thus attacks by pits are over-reported and attacks by non-pits are either ignored or blamed on pits. Add to that the fact that pit bulls are also a status symbol in the same cultures that fight the dogs and are trained to be mean and you get this sort of result.

When trained and cared for, pit bulls are very good dogs and probably one of the best with children.
Pitbulls are adorable when treated properly and scary as hell when raised as monsters.
chihuahuas are without being treated badly. ;)
I don't care about the story, I was just wondering why the title was L'il instead of Little.
chihuahuas are without being treated badly. ;)

They are, but think about it from their point of view. EVERYTHING is bigger than you, you can never, EVER, stop shivering, and you're practically born with multiple birth defects. You'd be pissed at the world too.
I HATE pitbulls...

guided missiles on four legs...

you ever get near me with a pit and he gets loose and charges ME, that dog just earns himself a bullet in his brain and I don't give a sheet WHAT he means to you and your family...

if it comes down to my ass or his... he loses...
Nice to see a real-life superhero every once in awhile; especially when it's an 11-year old kid.

Hope they throw the biggest book in the law library at the ignorant punk who owns the dogs.

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