Lois should have been Lana

Discussion in 'Man of Steel' started by Vaibow, Sep 7, 2013.

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    This is not to be seen as negative swipe at the film, but, having discussed it with friends and thought about it at length, i kind of wished Lana was the main female character, with lois stepping down to a cameo.

    Let me explain, the film was, when telling Clark's story, heavily centred around smallville, his child hood, family life, fight with kryptonians.

    There for, to bring some extra emotion, a connection from childhood to adulthood, using lana, her relationship with Clark, would have been great, especially for pacing, editing etc to see it through her eyes.

    Lana could have been there when he first experienced the traumatic discovery of his abilities (class room scene), the bus crash, the bullies, she could have witnessed the 'miracle', been someone for a young clark to confide in.

    When his father past away, he could have gone to her and grieved - before he set off on his travels, declared his feelings etc, or vice versa. He could state he could never be 'normal' and has to find himself.

    This could bring an adult lana to want to track her best friend down, after hearing of miracles (oil rig etc) - she finds out about the alien craft, wants to investigate - who does she find loading up trailers before the team set off, clark - or finally finding him after his 'discovery'.

    Lois could still have did some research, talking to lana along the way - this prompts lana to protect clark.

    Lois, hot on clarks trail, finally finds him - at the grave - before any real exchange occurs, lana appears, dismissing the whole story.

    Zod appears, takes clark, reads his mind, then goes looking for the matrix code. Army attack and clark breaks free, resulting in a smallville battle.

    World engine appears over metropolis - lois and jimmy report the fight, as we see people running for their lives, rubble about to crush the reporters when down swoops the man of steel, this is her first, real look at superman - she is smitten.

    At the end, clark and lana talk, he decides to get his ear to the ground, appears at planet and lois, blinded by the image of superman, never gives it a second thought - then the sequels expands on this.

    Would this have made for a smoother experience?
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    Doubtful; the film already had a lot going on as it is and considering that this was a film about how Clark became Superman, Lois needed to be as prominent as she was in the film and Lois has always been Clark's strongest anchor to humanity than anyone else in the mythology thus far.
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    But then we gotta deal with both Lana and Lois. Also I think it's stronger that Clark meet someone who isn't from his location. She represents the strangers that won't reject him.
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    I absolutely agree. Lois is the one the one that he connects with. And I strongly feel that Lana is part of Clark's childhood, not adulthood, but that's probably just me. Also, I very much dislike having two love interests in a movie series. It usually makes both of them less important.

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