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Lord Of The Savage Land!

Kirk Langstrom

Apr 30, 2000
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:wow: Dont know if this is old news or not, but, this looks completely kick ass! Far better than i expected!

Here is a look at the Marvel Legends Shanna-Kazar-Zabu Action Figure set that will be available at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con. The boxart for this set was drawn by comic book artist Frank Cho. Cost and quantity in which this set will be released in is not yet finalized. We will be sure to update you as soon as that information becomes available



I have tickets to SDCC 2008, but im not sure i can go...I'll know for sure in about 3 weeks. Fingers are crossed!
hopefully they look as good in person... not fond of Zabu's style it kinda looks like a cartoon over realism.. but it's still pretty good
Zabu looks like he is clearly reusing a body from them Sigma Six ones.....hence the toony
Nah i like all of them. its stuff like this thats making it hard for me to stop collecting
the first time i saw the picture i thought it was pretty badass. but the more i see it, the more zabu cartoony style bothers me.
There was a Ka-zar and Zabu released with the animated X-Men line years ago, and a Shanna (repainted MJ from Spidey: TAS) from some oddball series or another...

All sucked.

This stuff to me looks excellent. Only thing missing is their son. And yeah, i wish Zabu looked a little more real...better claws and some painted on fur perhaps...but he's still better than passable, imo...
I don't mind the Zabu.....I mean...he'll do.....the other two look great though I am still choked too see the crappy hasbro joints all over Shanna.....

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