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Lundgren's Performance


May 9, 2002
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How do you think Dolph Lundgren did as the Punisher.
He did a good job.Dolph looked the part and thats why the cast him but he is an action hero kinda guy.Not to much depth to his Punisher though he did a really good job.
Good I thought Dolphin sucked as well as the movie. But I guess people have different opinions on acting
It was not at all possible to vote. There wasn't a selection for Utterly God Awful. That's what my vote would have been. Wait, it is. :D
It wasn't his fault they completely ignored the source material in most important aspects.

I think he did a good job, but it just was not a Punisher movie.
the script was awful, and they dubbed lines in, but i don't think that lundgren was that bad. he was never given a decent role, except Universal Soldier, which he was actually quite impressive in.

i liked that sort of taciturn refusal to face up to who he is, and Louis Gosset Jr is ok in it.

the scene in the holding cell is absolutely excellent though... the frustration, the sense that he's talking to a dead man.
some places good.. some places bad.. lots is to blame for the director.. but Castles boots were the bomb.. and the infiltration scene had Castle written all over it.. also his boots were awesome
His "uniform" was pretty cool. Would have been so much better with the skull on it. I also liked his knives with the skull heads on them. I'd love to find them on ebay sometime.
Yeah those knives were awesome.. they were in one Punisher comic.. dont remmber which one though
saw this on thepunisher.com about dolph's newest movie. i thought he was done acting? anyways...

Nick Cherenko used to be a Spetznaz (Russian Special Forces), but now he lives peaceful with his wife and child, far from violence and war. When his wife and his children die in the cross-fire of a gang war, Nick seeks vengeance, waking up the soldier inside himself in order to settle the score.

Clearly he came back for one last ground-breaking and wildly original film.
Dolph rules, I actually reckon he was better suited for the part than Tom Jane.
Thomas Jane is The Punisher. He cares about the character and does his best to bring him right. Damn great. :unishr:
Dangerous said:
Dolph rules, I actually reckon he was better suited for the part than Tom Jane.

Dolph does indeed rule - not so sure about the part about Thomas though.....wait till the sequal when Jane has his hair slicked back. Then you shall see, my son.
What's wrong with you guys. Dolph was great.

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