Superman Returns Luthor and Land and Evil

bosef982 said:
Using Superman's own technology against Superman and the world is a tad different than before in my opinion. But okay, if you don't want to watch the movie, don't.
The details may be slightly different, but overall it is the same plot as S:TM.
I'm moving this up since someone started almost the exact same thread, only the opposing viewpoint.
I'm starting to like the Smallville Luthor a lot better now...the one where (like most true villains) he does not personally believe he is evil, but his actions are seen as such. Everything he does is justified in that he is saving the world from an alien conquerer. He would not concoct a scheme to kill billions of people for no reason unless it involved setting a trap for Superman.
I personally think think they missed the boat on one key thing to use against Superman (and I've said it before). Lex using the Fortress and an energy module to gain superhuman powers. Smallville is giving this a run, and it is probably the only thing semi-interesting in an otherwise banal show. I mean, everyone wouldn't mind seeing Superman mix it up with another super-powered creature. Except this time, it would be the dirtiest player in the game...Lex Luthor. Either way, though, I think Singer and his buddies have something up their sleeve for the storyline at hand and I'm not worried one bit.

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