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Man who picks up wallet to help feels discriminated against by cops

I'd say the cops in NYC don't have enough to do, going by that story.

What the heck is going on with the police? :huh: That's just ridiculous.
What a completely ridiculous operation.

One operation which I watched on tv which is ALOT more productive is they have an undercover cop wander around a crowded street, with a bag over their shoulder sort of half unzipped. Whoever would try to steal from the bag is obviously a criminal.

But frisking people for picking up an abandoned belonging?? C'mon! Ridiculous waste of police resources.
New York's tax dollars at work.

And people wonder why others are reluctant to help out other people these days.
What is the point of it, anyway? :huh: To find people with prior arrests? Prior arrests don't equal convictions and convictions don't equal jail time. And even if it did, if they were so concerned, they should have kept them locked up in the first place.
screw the decoy program , if you drop it and someone takes the dough , that's what you get for not being careful . i dropped my wallet at a wendy's one night in the rain . i came back an hour later and it was still there, but i expected it to be gone.. they may as well tie a ten dollar bill to a string and lure us all into the precinct.

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