March 2013 Sales Thread

Mr. Dent

Aug 8, 2012
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1 Guardians of the Galaxy 1 $3.99 Marvel 211,312
2 Age of Ultron 1 $3.99 Marvel 174,952
3 Batman 18 $3.99 DC 137,893
4 Wolverine 1 $3.99 Marvel 117,669
5 Age of Ultron 2 $3.99 Marvel 109,383
6 Justice League 18 $3.99 DC 102,494
7 Age of Ultron 3 $3.99 Marvel 100,347
8 Superior Spider-Man 5 $3.99 Marvel 94,224
9 Justice League of America 2 $3.99 DC 91,734
10 All New X-Men 8 $3.99 Marvel 90,990
11 Superior Spider-Man 6 $3.99 Marvel 86,614
12 Superior Spider-Man 6AU $3.99 Marvel 85,807
13 Uncanny X-Men 3 $3.99 Marvel 85,775
14 Uncanny Avengers 5 $3.99 Marvel 84,382
15 Avengers 8 $3.99 Marvel 82,691
16 All New X-Men 9 $3.99 Marvel 81,695
17 Avengers 7 $3.99 Marvel 78,278
18 Detective Comics 18 $3.99 DC 76,237
19 Green Lantern 18 $2.99 DC 69,801
20 Batman And Robin 18 $2.99 DC 69,614

Guardians killed it. So much for them being D-List characters. Marvel marketing is incredible.
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Guardians killed it. So much for them being D-List characters. Marvel marketing is incredible.

Let's not also forget attaching an "A-List" creative team of Bendis and McNiven. True, an A-List team didn't save MOON KNIGHT, but then again MK isn't getting a film. It's promotion for the film which helps this, which in corporate speak is synergy. Hell, promotional artwork for the film will literally be used for at least one variant cover, and likely more. I'd probably be on board if Bendis weren't just making up continuity from the "DnA" run as he goes along, but all reports are that he is, so blah.

Been a while since I commented on sales. Overall, I say Marvel is looking pretty good this month. All three issues of AGE OF ULTRON sold in the Top 10, and all of them at over 100k an issue. SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN is still paying off compared to average sales for ASM for the most part in 2012. WOLVERINE's latest reboot did well, although the second and third issue drops will be interesting to see. The swap from DARK WOLVERINE to WOLVERINE: WEAPON X years ago actually damaged the character's sales for several years, and all the buzz is that Marvel feels he's more popular than he actually is (or at least that Wolverine's popularity peaked years ago).

On the other hand, quite a few books down the bottom of the list. The fact that MORBIUS is selling below 23k and under the top 100 by issue #3 all but confirm it is a dead book walking. It will be lucky to exist beyond a 10th issue, as demand for this wasn't high, but I imagine this was done with some zeal since the last two ASM spin off's have done modestly well. It isn't pretty that SCARLET SPIDER and VENOM aren't too many shades above MORBIUS, but both have at least been around over a year (VENOM has been around for almost 3 by now). FEARLESS DEFENDERS #2 saw a drastic drop and it's another title which probably won't see a dozen issues. I'd say launching it mere months after not even Matt Fraction could keep a DEFENDERS book afloat was a misstep. That franchise hasn't sold decently since the 1980's and it's unlikely to snap that streak.

I do wish DAREDEVIL sold better, but it does seem to be holding steady; it's been around 35-38k for months now if memory serves. Steady sales and critical buzz can keep a book going; after all, X-FACTOR hardly sets the racks on fire but it has had that for years.

YOUNG AVENGERS #3 shows a nasty drop, and AVENGERS ARENA is slipping, although the latter not as quickly as some books such as MORBIUS or FEARLESS DEFENDERS. Those deaths are sticking, folks. Apparently nobody gives a damn about Mettle or Chris Powell.

I do like seeing some third party competition; a couple of Image, Dark Horse, and IDW books are in the top 10, and even one from Aspen. The dilemma is that some of these are licensed properties, especially STAR WARS for Dark Horse which they'll be losing next year. While HELLBOY and BUFFY still do well for the company, one wonders how they'll rebound from losing that LucasCash. It has been fascinating to watch THE WALKING DEAD march up the Top 150 even before the TV show hit, and SAGA deserves to sell where it is selling. And considering that "My Little Pony" has a disturbing legion of "Brony" fans, its success in a direct comic book market which cliche claims is dominated by dorky, antisocial men is probably too much of a stereotype to make fun of.

Still, I think part of the unpublished story is that if you look at all those issue numbers from the "big two", you see few titles with issue counts above 20. Those that are usually are not selling too hot. A majority of those titles are in single digits and/or mini series. I think that showcases the boom-and-bust trend, which has become a tough nut to crack. Sales overall for the industry are good and have been for a while in comparative terms (and especially considering the Great Recession and dwindling magazine sales). I'm sure digital sales are a factor, but publishers are not obligated to list sales for those, so how much they offset any poor selling print comics are unknown. Although I imagine if some digital comic moved six or even five figures online in a month, Marvel or DC would be bragging about it on Newsarama as if they'd just cured cancer with a reprint. Still, I think this list shows that Marvel and DC have become very reliant on the cyclical relaunch, and it's had dwindling long term success ever since.

It used to be a joke that one day, every comic book would be a #1 issue. We're not too far removed from that being reality. At the very least, we may be reaching a point where every comic or franchise has a "season" and gets renumbered once a year.
OUCH Nova...BAD NEWS...or good news depending upon what camp you occupy.

But sales for #2 were a drastic drop, #40 on the top 300 with about 46,725 in sales.

Not good, especially considering the massive hype, promo and upper tier talent put on the book.

With the announcement Loeb is leaving and possibly coming back now and then, it seems the "NINO" Nova will not be a run away success. Time to seriously re-evaluate what they've done (and the 3.99 price tag...not a good idea)

Lets compare that with a couple of past books of Note:

Nova #2 vol. 4 sold 44,518 and was #59 in 2007

New Warriors vol 4 (yes I know No Nova but its comparable for a lot of reasons) #2 sold 45,804 # 57 in the same year.

Markets were pretty similar in both years..clearly we are talking books that were 2.99, but a considerable less $ spent on promo etc.. I 'm not going to even get into the % drop comparison between 1-2 of all these books, but needles to say, sales of this book will be in the DnA range soon enough (sooner than i expected)..and maybe even drop faster and lower if a core audience is not developed. Nova Vol.4 was actually pretty dang stable in sales for over the 1st year.

Looks like it's time to bring back RR folks..

BTW "Blown away by GOTG" even despite the "rock star" team..i did not expect that..really a validation of hype and Bendis..really shocked
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I'm expecting some serious drops with Guardians of the Galaxy. I expected it to end up in the top 5, but I don't see it being that sustainable.
Yeah, but it's still amazing it managed to do 200k. I'm expecting it to level out at around 80-90k.
It's been a while since the majority of the top ten sold over 100K.
I'm curious to see how much Justice League Dark bumps from where it is now (#90) to when it crosses over with Justice League and Justice League of America in July. Trinity War has been building since the New 52 started and I'm glad to see such a low-selling title being a major part of it. I don't like that it'll jump up a dollar for the tie-in parts but I'm glad it'll get more eyes on it.

If Throne of Atlantis can turn me into an Aquaman fan, hopefully Trinity War will help create more JLD sales. It's a good book.

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