Martin McDonagh's Seven Psychopaths

Ha, I've had it for awhile but it's still shrinkwrapped :D

I have like 50 movies still shrinkwrapped, dont have time :(

YES YES YES. YES. The trailer is marvelous. In Bruges is easily in my personal top ten, and I'm stoked to see what McDonagh brings with this.

Walken. Rockwell. Waits. This cast is already top notch. Nipples are cutting diamonds right now...
In Bruges was fantastic. I can't wait to see if this can top that. Regardless, I'm loving everything that I saw from the previews.
"put your hands up"
"but I have a gun"
"I don't care"

In Bruges was fantastic. I can't wait to see if this can top that. Regardless, I'm loving everything that I saw from the previews.

In Bruges is one of my favorite films. I am hoping this just comes close. Considering the cast It should be a lot of fun. Plus, Olga taking the Clemence Poesy role here. :hrt:
In Bruges was awesome. You guys should also see The Guard, which was done by the director's bro. Same type of humor.
Seen The Guard and love it as well. Gleeson and Cheadle are perfect together. Was Also the first time I saw Dominique McElligott.
Waits and Walken in the same movie already has sealed the deal. Rockwell and Farrell I like, but I know what they already do.
I'm anticipating this movie more than I anticipated the Avengers, TDKR and the Hobbit.

Saw it early in NYC. It was pretty damn good for what it was.
I loved this movie. Very hilarious and violent. Can't decide who stole the movie Walken or Rockwell. I can see the reaction to the movie being split though. In Bruges is one of my favorite movies , and although they both have dark humor this one is quite different.I feel like it will be one of those movies I'll watch alot.....and qoute.
Just watched "In Bruges", now one of my top fav movies lol

REALLY cant wait to see this
I don't like Farrell, but all the other actors together in one movie?! I'm sold!
I never liked Colin Farrel until In Bruges. he was hilarious
This movie was AMAZING. 9/10. I was never bored, the performances were outstanding and the story was just great. Seriously, you all have to see this movie. See it twice, I know I am. Sooo ****ing amazing. Rockwell is superb! Probably one of the best movies I've seen this year.
I absolutely loved this. I prefer it to In Bruges. The entire cast was superb and I just loved the screenplay and the dark humor that's in it. Very quotable too.
This movie was outstanding. It's such a trip. Meta, meta, meta. Not sure if I enjoyed it more than In Bruges, but then again, Sam Rockwell is the God in this, so further viewings may change my opinion.

McDonagh displays so much confidence and it's only his second major film. Crazy.
It isn't out here until December...

This is one of those movies that would make me laugh in the face of anyone who even uses the phrase "sophomore slump." It's excellent. Rockwell's hilarious, Walken's the best he's been in ages, Farrell is terrific again, it all works. Very funny, very meta, a great time.
Billy's shootout scene was maybe the best thing I've seen in a movie this year. Also loved the Quaker story.

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