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Marvel Adventures Animated AdverVideos

wow these are sweet! Props for the find. I hope they make more with more heroes.
So was that from a video game or something?
That was great. Maybe Marvel should spend money on a total CG film like that. Just a straight to DVD 1 hour or an hour and a half film, nothing too big or complex.
Could be cool.

Great find.
They're just promotional to advertise the upcoming franchises and to get fans hype for a crossover film (wink, wink). Yeah but they are cool and I hope that they do more of them!:word:
The subheadings on the Daily Bugle:

Asgard in Oklahoma?

My husband is a _______

Simon Williams Signs _____ Pictures Deal

Those videos are pretty cool.
ya i've seen this they're great, the best part is at the end how it's the daily bugle and when it shows the "heroes" they leave Spidey out LOL
The second Marvel Adventures Animated AdverVideos debuts this Thursday, January 10th, at http://www.marvelkids.com/videos and then the can’t miss final installment smashes into your web browsers on January 17th! True Believers, have you spotted all the special cameos and bonus Easter Eggs hidden throughout the first AdverVideos? Keep your eyes open cause there are more to come!

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