Marvel Legends... MOST WANTED: Part Deux


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Sep 14, 2001
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Alright, it's that time again, we know the figs coming out and we know what figs are in limbo, So here's the lists of whats coming out, whats in limbo... whats rumored, and what i personally would want to come out..

feel free to post your marvel legends most wanted ;)


* Beast (Astonishing X-Men appearance)
* Black Bolt (With blue tinted variant)
* Daredevil (1st Appearance) (With red costume variant)
* Nova (Richard Rider)
* Punisher (Marvel MAX appearance) (With camo/warpaint skull-face variant)
* Tigra
* Age of Apocalypse Nemesis/Holocaust (Build-A-Figure)


* Adam Warlock (with left leg of Red Hulk)
* Silver Savage (Silver Surfer in "Planet Hulk" gladiator gear) (with right leg of Red Hulk)
* Spider-Man (Symbiote costume) (with left arm of Red Hulk)
* Spiral (with head of Red Hulk)
* Union Jack (with torso of Red Hulk)
* Wolverine (Adam Kubert designed costume) (yellow and blue "tiger stripe" variant) (with right arm of Red Hulk)
* Red Hulk (Build-A-Figure)

ARIES WAVE (which i believe is another walmart exclusive)

* Crossbones
* Guardian
* Heroes Reborn Iron Man
* Human Torch (Semi-tranclusant variant)
* Kang
* Spider-Man (Ben Reilly)
* Vision
* Ultimate War Machine
* Ares (Build-A-Figure)

Wave 1

* Ronin and Elektra (with alternate-colored Ronin and Skrull Elektra variant)
* Ultimate Captain America (World War II costume) and Ultimate Nick Fury
* Forge and Wolverine (traditional X-Men uniform)
* Mr Fantastic and the Thing

[edit] Wave 2

* S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent (Nick Fury & Dum Dum Dugan alternate heads) and Hand Ninja
* Skrull and Kree soldiers
* Classic Iron Man (Tony Stark alternate head) and Maria Hill (variant Stealth Iron Man and Sharon Carter)
* Human Torch and Invisible Woman

Hasbro Toy Store

* Sunfire (Age of Apocalypse appearance)(due October 2008)

Rumor spreads that there will be two New X-Men box-sets. Also, that there will be a box-set with the original x-men line-up. An Alpha Flight boxset is set to be made.


-Crimson Dynamo
-Red King
-Mcguiness Hulk (though may now be red hulk, not sure)
-FA Storm
-Havok (modern costume)
-Magneto (from poll)
-Northstar (from Poll)
-Aurora (from poll)
-Lilandra (from poll)
-Silver Samauri (from poll)
-Gambit (hideous, but from poll)
-Forbush man
-Mighty Vengers
-Thunder Frog
-Hellfire club soldier
-Aim agent
* Crossbones
* Guardian
* Human Torch (the regular flamed on version)
* Ares (Build-A-Figure)

After that, there's not anything I want from this series. Already have Kang, and not excited about the fact that I'll have to buy him again to get the BAF he comes with. Don't care about the rest of the figures in the wave. Highly considering offering my Hulk Classics Absorbing Man in exchange for the Ares BAF so I won't have to buy 5 figures I don't want to build him.


* Beast
* Black Bolt (don't care which version)
* Daredevil (Red costume variant)
* Nova
* Tigra
* Age of Apocalypse Nemesis/Holocaust (Build-A-Figure)


* Adam Warlock
* Spiral
* Union Jack
* Wolverine (yellow and blue version

About 50/50 on whether I want the Red Hulk BAF. Will probably depend on who he's finally revealed to be.

Wave 1
* Ronin and Elektra
* Forge and Wolverine (don't care about Wolverine though)
* Mr Fantastic and the Thing

Wave 2
* S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent and Hand Ninja x2 (one for Dugan, one for Shield Agent)
* Skrull and Kree soldiers x2 (don't need Skrulls though)
* Classic Iron Man and Maria Hill
* Stealth Iron Man and Sharon Carter
* Human Torch and Invisible Woman

Hasbro Toy Store
* Sunfire
Now heres my list...

First things first for me, I want the figures in limbo, out of limbo so i'm not listing them, and i want those rumors to be true.. soo... ill start with box sets and 2 packs


NEW X-MEN: boxset 1
-Anole (mini fig)
-Wolf Cub (mini fig)

NEW X-MEN Boxset 2
-X-23 (prob a re-release)

X-Men FA:
(either orginal or X-men first class costumes would work for me)
-FA Jean Grey
-FA Beast
-FA Cyclops
-FA Iceman
-FA Angel

Alpha Flight:


Runaways: Comic-Con/Hasbro Toyshop Exclusive Box Set
-Gertrude Yorks
-Old Lace

Power Pack Pack:
Comic Con/Hasbro Toy Shop Exclusive
this set would come with there modern versions plus small limited articulation "classic" versions of them when they were younger (and most famous) franklin would come with valeria
-Alex Power
-Julie Power
-Jack Power
-Katie Power
-Franklin Richards w/ valaria

-Squirrel Girl
-Flat Man
-Big Bertha
-Mr. Immortal
-Dinah Saur

Two Packs:

Series 3:
*Northstar and Aurora
*Hellfire Agent and Shiar Guard (possible variant shiar heads)

Series 4:
*Modern Havok and Polaris
*Aim Agent and Multiple Man
*Stepford Cuckoos and Doombot

Well.. since the BAF's may be ending.. and the series for the next year are all exclusives to a store, im not sure how to do this... so ill list waves of 6 (with out BAF ideas) and then follow it up with some larger scaled ideas

Wave 1
-Captain America (Bucky Barnes)-(US AGENT variant)
-Luke Cage (Modern) (shirtless variant)
-Blade (classic)
-Jean Grey (jim lee) (animated series "peach" variant)
-Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)
-Ultron (classic)

Wave 2
-Jubilee (jim lee)
-Scarlet Witch (modern)
-Thor (Modern)
-Winter Soldier
-Wonderman (trench coat)
- Toad

Wave 3
-Black Tom Cassidy

Wave 4
-Black Widow (Modern)
-Viper aka Madame Hydra
-Cyclops (jim lee)
-Rogue (jim lee)

Wav 5
-Strong Guy
-Phoenix (they could re release her)

Wave 6
-Radio-Active man
-Six Arm Spidey
-Nightcrawler (we could use another, skinnier version)
-Blue Abomination

Wave 7
-Namor (modern)
-Patriot (modern)
-Wolverine (Team X or CIA)

Wave 8
-Warpath (thunderbird Variant)

Wave 9
-Sunfire (FA)
-Magik (demon variant)

Wave 10

Wave 11
-Shatter Star
-Tiger Shark

Wave 12
-Jack of Hearts

Wave 13
-Machine Man
-Misty Knight
-Colleen Wing
-Baron Mordo

Wave 14
-Mocking Bird
-Sebastion Shaw
-Emma frost (hellfire club version)/Selen black queen variant
-Madalyne Prior

Wave 15
-Baron Zemo II
-Purple Man
-Grey Gargoyle

Wave 16
-Molecule Man
-Wild Child
-Marvel Boy

Wave 17
-The Hood

Wave 18
-Boom Boom
-Typhoid Mary
-White Tiger

Wave 19
-Lady Mastermind

Wave 20
-Phantom Rider
-Count Nefaria
-Puppet Master

BAF/Large fig ideas:
-Devil Dinosaur w moonboy
-Bishop (modern)
-Strong Guy
-Goliath (black)
-Lock Jaw
-Old Lace
-Big Wheel
-Mister Hyde
-High Evolutionary
-Awesome Android
-Shadow King

Spider-man classic waves (im just listing figures, no point in listing 50 spideys and symbiotes that would be included)

-Hammer Head
-Cosmic spider-man
-Spider lizard
-Molten Man
-Hydroman (first Apperance)
-Beetle (mach 2)
-Vulture (red and black)
-Aunt May
-Gwen Stacy
-Morbius (classic)
-Dr. Octopus (suit)
-Black Cat
-Mysterio (we could use another)
-Green Goblin (lighter yellow/green, diffrent head sculpt?)
-Scorpia (terry dodson version)
-Dopple Ganger
-Ben Reilley "scarlet spider"
-madame web
-speed demon
-Alister Smyth (spider slayer mutated version)
-The Enforcers
-Spider Slayer (the one with jamesons face on it)
-Carnage (face it, we need a new one imo)
-The Rose
-Rocket Racer
-Stilt Man
-Silver Sable
One's Blue and One's Black.

Now for my list.....first may I say that spidey's 16 waves there pretty much nailed it......all essential characters and a good mix with enough re dos of big names to keep the suits happy.

So I'll forgot anything he listed and go for what he missed that I feel to be essential...and since there is a rumored AF set I'll skip that too. I'm to tired to list waves and such.....I'll just put down thier affiliation and names


Raza Longknife


Warstar (likely BAF)
Titan (also BAF)
And Many More...but these essential ones


Amelia Voght
Fabien Cortez
Colossus as Acolyte

There's a lot more here too...but I feel these to be the Essentials....Especially Senyaka

If I could only get three figs from the above lists it would be Gladiator, Senyaka and Corsair.

Also We need Joseph, Wolverine as Death, and an awesome Winged blue face Angel so I can recreate this cover


I love that issue because Angel beat Wolverine
cosmic spidey def has a chance, whatever spidey u post (lead/red) prob not a chance
Ever see this before?

This look legit to you Spideyboy? First time I've ever heard of this.

What do you think?

Looks very awesome if it is true. I have my doubts as I thought they were stopping with the BAF lines, but it seems they are going stong in the later series, IF this turns out to be true.....:huh:

This seems bogus to me.
That's fake, it's was posted a long time ago. There's no way Wal-Mart or other stores would carry most of those waves, plus look at the last wave on the list

Marvel Legends Singles (Thanos Wave) Dec 2009
• Mephisto • Ares • Wraith • Wolfsbane • Black Tom • Viper
Thats what I thought, BUT.... the first half is real, right? Is it legit up to now and the future waves are bogus? Or do we just not know??

Doesn't matter either way, I guess. That's a drag.
Everything that has been announced is still coming, though the two packs lineups are wrong in the link you posted.

I'm 99.9% sure everything posted after what we know is bogus. We'll probably get some of those figures, but definitely not all of them, and not in those waves.
That sucks! Here I thought I made an incredible discovery. :shock

Thanks for raining all over my parade Ncrawler!! :waa::cwink:
there definately fake... but some figs in those waves are definately true... and some that we've seen protos for that have been lost... so there could be some truth to a few, just not in the correct waves.
I want all the shield agents(which are coming in wave 2 of the 2 packs), dormammu, arcade, x-factor(current), any form of a new x-men set, and firestar
Hasbro at comic con was VERY aware of the 2 most wanted X-men... (jim lee jean and jubilee) they even asked one guy if he'd prefer "animated series" paint scheme jean, (peach), or comic jean (yellow))

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