Marvel will release one in-house film in 2009 most likely...

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Nov 17, 2005
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to be Ant-Man or Thor. There preparing for this now but still a chance due to strike(s) that they might not make it. I guess this means they made an amendment to the financing agreement for a winter release. My guess is it's gonna be Ant-Man and Thor will be out in 2010.
would Ant-Man handle his own movie?
Thor yes, I can definetely see that but, Ant-Man...I think there's nothing impressive in him.
I only know him from the Ultimates and from the DTV Ultimate Avengers.
he really isn't that much of a thing, imo.
Yes Ant-Man can support his own movie just like Blade did. Don't think comic book franchise...think movie franchise. Imagine the F/X and the mind of Edgar Wright behind this. Think Fantastic Voyage & Innerspace F/X with today's technology mixed in with a Superheroh film. Forget about how popular he is in the comics. If the movie is great, and they market it right and release a kick ass trailer it will sell itself.
I don't really know him, so I can't argue.
but they would have to invest a lot in marketing.
but I mean...if I, a geek, am nothing excited about him (and like I said, I know a bit of him from the Ultimate comics and DTV) the non-geeks (that know nothing) wouldn't give a damn.
I think it would be way better as a direct to DVD.
I'd love to see Thor, but Ant-Man? I don't think he's interesting enough without the Avengers.
I think Ant-Man is one of the most interesting characters and visually how many superhero films have come out that are similar? None.

Either could do good in the Winter months. Night at the Museum and LOTR films proved that either genre can work in that slot.
Thor never interested me. Antman only interests me because Edgar Wright is involved.
Thor never interested me at all. Not even a little bit. I never understood why there were so many Thor fans. The few comics I read were probably not the best intro to the character. However...

I then read the Thor script and I was shocked. It's an epic A+ script. We all know they have to cut it back but there's enough in there to convert anyone.
So, we'll see only "Thor" and Wolverine movie in 2009?
Bah...Ok. Ok.
I will see Thor but only if Donald Blake it is in. And Ant-Man, i love it 'cuz Edgar Wright :oldrazz:
If Thor is fighting Frost Giants, his brother Loki, and other Mystical beasts count me in.

Advanced Dark, If you want to read the best of Marvel's Thor read...Essential Thor 1,2,3. Thor as created by Stan Lee and Jack "King" Kirby is the best era of Thor comics.
I hope Cap can make it. I am a bit hyped for Thor, but Ant-Man would really not give me any hype.
Marvel should make their inhouse project Capt. America

it makes sense if they intend it to be a "flag ship" project

on that note. I hate this whole future kid avengers movie idea.

Marvel should take a note from DC and make animated movies based on Marvel graphic novels.

"Civil War"
"House of M"
"Ultimate Galactus Trilogy"
"Age of Apocolypse"

all these stories would be great as they are alternate realities etc. events that can be summaried in a single animated movie.
Ant-man=GIANT-MAN=GOLIATH=Yellowjacket, not to mention Ultron.
When thinking Ant-Man movie I say think "Honey, "I Shrunk the Kids" only more geared towards adults. It really is all in the spin, if a good writer/producer are involved, it should be a good/great movie.

Don't judge before you see. Edger Wright is a quality producer/director.

Also, Thor should rock!
If Thor is fighting Frost Giants, his brother Loki, and other Mystical beasts count me in.

If they go with something similar to the first draft, yeah, Thor will do all that. There's potential for an amazing film.
Of the two Ant-Man and Thor, I would rather see Thor, no offense to Ant man, but I just get a honey I shrunk the kids feel from that. Thor has the potential to be a epic tail.
At the end though, as long as they are both part of Avengers, then I'm ok.
Thor (2009)
Ant-Man (2010)
Captain America (2010)
Avengers (2011)

Thats how I see it.
Isn't this the second time in a row that Marvel has listed Thor as having a "writer engaged" but no director? I thought it was probably some sort of error before, but now...

Realistically, I think the only two choices we can expect are Ant-Man or Thor. They really only have maybe 4-5 months before need to start shooting to really be able to make it for a Summer 2009 date, and Ant-man and Thor are, as far as we know, the farthest along.

They really wouldn't have time to say, finish up the Captain America script, hire their director, let him go through the script on his own, hire the actors, re-write the script to fit the actors' strengths, start pre-production work, re-writing the script all along, and then start filming.

Avengers would be even worse off. There was some doubt before, but it's very clear with all cameos and crossovers in Iron Man and Hulk that Marvel ARE creating a connected film universe, so by extension Avengers would be part of that, meaning they intend to get back Robert Downey, Jr. and Edward Norton. It's way, way, way WAY too soon for that. Norton finished shooting Hulk only just a few months ago, and both films will probably be in theaters by the time Avengers would be shooting. No way they could do it on such short notice. Plus, presuming that Ant-Man, Thor, and Captain America would be in it, too. This would be the first time we would be seeing the Marvel Film Universe (Or, Marvel F U) incarnations of the characters. Which doesn't seem wise, IMO. It's better to make sure you've got the best possible actors for their solo series first, and THEN stick them into the team movie. Rather than hire people for the team movie first, where undoubtedly not as much attention will be paid to the casting since there would be so much of it, and then stick them in the solo films where they may or may not work.

So Ant-Man or Thor it is.
What the hell is Marvel thinking? 09 was the year to go crazy... no SPiderman... no X-Men (other than Wolverine)... no FF3... 2010 and 2011 going to be packed as hell... dumb move...
What the hell is Marvel thinking? 09 was the year to go crazy... no SPiderman... no X-Men (other than Wolverine)... no FF3... 2010 and 2011 going to be packed as hell... dumb move...

Well there was that little thing, the writers strike. That kinda got in the way
Still.... June production... July/August release... its doable for a small budget feature like Nick Fury at the very least... I just wonder where Marvel intends to fit their films in once Fox and Sony get back on the ball with their spinoffs and Marvel franchises... not to mention WB getting its movies out... could be seeing 4/5 major superhero films one summer... the public will get tired of it... I mean I guess this means 2010 certainly won't feature an IM sequel... my guess is it will be Captain and Ant-Man with Thor going for 09.... I just hope SOny doesn't jam SM4 in there now... most of the May releases are full already... its gonna be tight. As long as Sony pulls off on the sequels for another few years we might see Marvel movies going up against each other... which is moronic if you ask me.
dont you think rushing production will cause quality issues. Its doing what they already did. Passing out properties like their dealing poker
Is there a source for this or is it all just speculation?
Probably... I guess its better... but Marvel needs to start producing these movie by the FALL... that's the only way they'll get decent release dates... right now memorial day weekend is still open... but movies like Potter and the Hobbit have yet to announce release dates but one if not both of those will be summer 2010... not to mention a SM4... Marvel needs to get that date... or at the very least get the early June release. If they hold back one more year after 09... they'll have to abandon some movies.

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