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"Meet the Spartans" (someone should burn over this)


Jul 26, 2004
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So, you complain that Date Movie and Epic Movie were too creative and had too many original ideas that totally weren't ripped from someone else's work? Well then the "geniuses" behind those two movies have made a brand new film just for you in their ongoing quest to become your very best friends ever!

Trailer-- if you feel like punishing yourself

I thought Date Movie and Epic Movie were big failures (on all levels)? Why are they continuing with these crappy films??? A mess :p
Because they are cheaply made,and most likely will get their money back,and maybe more...Will I got to the theatre and see it? Probably not,but most likely rent it.
Yeah these movies almost always make some decent money at the box office. I can't fault people for making them, but I damn well wont be seeing them.
i had a feeling they would make fun of Britney spears... and hey look! they do.... funny... :dry:

makeing fun of her has become so cliché
Where the f*** is Scary Movie 5? Every one of these parody movies besides the Scary Movies are crap.

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