Mercy Reef aka Aquaman No More?!

jaydawg said:
Yeah, thats the one thing that honestly bothers me about this pass. It ****ed up Aquaman's set apperances in JLU. Because of this, he got denied from two seasons. TWO!! There were at least 3 episodes he would have appeared in and we didnt get it. What bull****.

Yeah. That pissed me off. He didn't even get to fight Black Manta. Black Manta didn't even get to suffocate Aquaman's son and force him to watch.
Nibune said:
This SUCKS!!!

and not that i cared necessarily for an Aquaman show.
HOWEVER the instant they announced it, and embargo was placed upon the aquaman character
What did this effect you may ask?

Justice League Unlimited

Aquaman would no doubt have been present during the last battle for the series, and only reason they couldnt use his character was because of " Mercy Reef "
Kinda sucks for Hartley, he left his soap opera to persue the show... :/

I second that.
The damn embargo was yet another reason why season 3 of JLU wasn't as good as it should have.

Aquaman wouldve been great in so many episodes.

The damn Bat-Emargo was enough.

Stupid WB! :mad:
With a dumb name like Mercy Reef, its not hard to see why it got canned...

The demographics changing, the superhero angst ridden drama is tired due to the incredibly thin spread Smallville series...
I will try to get a Quicktime Version Encoded
It's not too late. Many over at Kryptonsite are going to write in to try to save the show. Show the CW how much you want to see the show. I know I will.

Midseason is just around the corner- here's hoping. Let's make this count.
Could putting up the Trailer by accitdent be the best mistake the CW has done ? I also wonder if they WANTED to do this & give the Fans a chance to see what it looks like & how they react to it
Best bet: Since I'm an aspiring film, more recently TV, director- best bet is Gough and Millar did this. I mean, it would be a tactic I would use. Probably next the Pilot will leak. Gough and Millar probably are leaking it all over to get fans to write in. It's already started- petitions, letters. And the trailer just came out today! I mean, who knows tomorrow (exageration) we might wake up to find Aquaman an official new show on the CW.

Dawn Ostroff
The CW Television Network
11800 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca 90025

Here's my letter, tried to make it as expansive as possible. It comes out to one page and has lots of ideas in it, feel free to use any of the ideas or comments in your own letter. And let's see Aquaman swim his way onto the CW!

My letter:

Dear Ms. Astroff,

I can not even begin to comprehend why you would “pass” on the Aquaman Pilot. This is the one show that has been gaining a lot of public interest and has been building up most the hype for the network. There have been some negative speculation on the internet concerning the show, but once the trailer appeared a lot of this negative speculation has disappeared. The trailer was highly promising and seemed more like a trailer for a high budget summer blockbuster than for a TV show. If you had followed through with premiering the trailer with Superman Returns, the show would have brought in a lot of viewers. The cast is great. And from what I saw in the trailer, this could be a really great show. It has action, adventure, comedy and something for everyone.

As for the possibility of not having enough space on the line-up, this obviously can not be the case. From my understanding, the WB and UPN merged to create the CW because it wanted to stand up amongst the other top networks out there. One thing to take note of is that the other networks have shows lined up to eleven o’ clock at night in some instances. Another available space, which you probably already heard of, is the unnecessary encores of “America’s Next Top Model.” There is space available in which Aquaman can easily fit into.

The rumors concerning the show have already built a strong fan base around it. And this fan base started building months ago. The negative speculation on the web has been gradually on the decline since the trailer premiered on the internet. Thus, it seems highly likely that if the trailer for Aquaman did premiere with Superman Returns, as originally planned, it would have build a strong fan base months before it even premiered.

It is not too late to add Aquaman to the line-up, whether it is the fall lineup or mid-season. If it is too late for the fall lineup, perhaps mid-season would be the best place to launch the series because this would also add the advantage of having a possible trailer for the show on the Superman Returns DVD.

In conclusion, it is still not too late to add Aquaman to the line up whether it is fall or midseason. The fan base is still strong and is hoping for a “miracle” that the show will still be picked up. The negative speculation on the net is gradually on the decline. And the hype is still strong, even with the news of it not being picked up. This is a show that lots of fans are looking forward to, including critics who have been labeling it as a sure show for many months now. It would mean a great deal to me and many other fans if we can still see Aquaman swim its way onto the network. There is still time.

Thank you, for taking time out of your busy day to read this.
Yeah, BUT enough time for people, like yourself, to get and save it and spread the word. A torrent might be up in a couple of hours. That time allowed people to get it, without the CW exactly knowing about it until it had already began to spread all over. I mean, it was timed just right- that's why I think it's a tactic the creators came up with. And it's REALLY working.
Strgts said:
Check my Signature :o

Also everyone on here, might be easier to all talk about the show on the post over at the Smallville forum. Instead of jumping from one post to the next.
Quicktime Version of the Trailer is on the way
How can they have an Aquaman show and call it Mercy Reef, what the f**k is that?
Squirrel, since you're like the rest of us Aqua fans. Do your part- write a letter to CW expressing how much you want the show to air, &/or sign the petition in my sig (has only been up for 1 hr, already 37 sigs).
News from aquamantv:

Would Aquaman Have Been On Wednesdays At 9?


"Dennis" sent us to a link at the CW's website that would have put Aquaman on Wednesdays at 9PM.

Unfortunately, as we've seen, the timeslot has been taken by One Tree Hill.

Apparently the links have already been removed, but if you're curious about what might have been, all you have to do is look at the thumbnail to your left.

(The CW folks have been really busy removing Aquaman stuff today. Could it be a sign that there's actually, I dunno, some interest?)

Also considering the newfound hype, Mercy Reef has a strong chance of being a replacement show or midseason run.

Also this shows me that CW was excited about the show. I doubt the would have added it in as an initial link if they were 'on the fence' about it.
could it have been cost. Things filmed in water tend to end up being expensive. culd CW not justify the budget.

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