World mischa barton for supergirl????????


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Oct 4, 2004
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hey sorry if this has already been up here...just read this on sounds dumb to me but i thought i'd pass it along. maybe they are referring to the justice league movie..i don't know.

also, not sure where this exactly fits into the superman please dont give me a hard time if this is in the wrong area!!!!!:yay:

Mischa Barton’s back!
getCSS("3053751")You might not have seen much of Mischa Barton since she stopped filming “The OC,” but that’s going to change in 2008, now that she has a slew of films slated to hit theaters. Barton tells Maxim in its January issue that she feels lucky that her “OC” experience didn’t cause her to be typecast.
“My theory on why I wasn’t typecast, other than being shockingly lucky, is because Marissa was so all over the place,” Barton told the mag. “They originally wanted me to play her like a Valley girl — a dumb, blonde airhead. But I went against that. She was an alcoholic and into this and that … ”
And what about those rumors that Barton might be playing Supergirl in the upcoming film adaption of the comic-book character? While she hasn’t been offered the part, Barton feels that the “skintight leotard” and how she wears one qualifies her for the part. “But everybody in Hollywood goes up for those films. I haven’t been offered anything,” Barton conceded. Check out the January issue of Maxim for more.


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