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Mortal Kombat 1

I cannot believe they are trying to charge $70 for that.
I assumed it is playable via cloud service.

The downgrade is real, but the Switch will never be capable of handling photo realistic graphiX or graphics on par with ps4/5 games that aren't cartoonish. So I'm not surprised. This is still a serviceable option for those who don't have a Playstation and XboX.
Honestly I'm not a fan of it.

But if I'm given a choice, I would pick Ghostface, It and Neo.

I'm curious who will be the 3 to 4 eXpansion characters if there's one for the story mode. Iirc most of Aftermath additions in MK11, were relevant in the story eXpansion and got their own chapter (Nightwolf, Sindel).

Jade would be nice as she was the only one I thought was really missing from the line up.

I'm still curious about other characters from MK4 to MK7 that i haven't been eXposed to yet. So more of those would be nice.
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got my copy yesterday but I was too burnt out from work to play it probably will install it tonight and bring it to my brother's we played a lot of MK back in the day I think he will enjoy this game.
I don't know if it was NRS or WB's idea to hire Megan Fox to voice Nitara, but it was not a good one. She sounds so robotic. The worst thing about this is Nitara's yells, grunts etc are done by Christina Vee. Someone who not only does voice acting as a profession, but would likely cost less.

Yup. I was so excited and for what :tearsofjoy: Maybe Ronda Rousey was judged too harshly for what she did in the last game. At least it was a performance.
having JK Simmons voicing him is awesome
Megan Fox had me and my wife dying. Let this be another reminder that voice acting is an art form.
It is insane that a full character is cheaper than a fatality, or announcer, or skin.
Sounds awful. I find it interesting how companies would let entire gameplay of a videogame be uploaded, yet they come swinging hard with mod videos. Unless the person is asking for monetization with those mods/uploads, then okay.
Not really New, for a few years now we hear that they are interested in bringing back the conquest Mode and that shaolin monks is a game they felt they could Do now better etc.
Mortal Raider

I would love a third person action-adventure game featuring MK karakters.
That we never got a third person arkham clone with scorpion and subzero is damn travesty.
Only one that interest me on that list is Conan…
Man, MK1's numbers for its first EVO is embarrising. The competitive scene is dead.
Man, MK1's numbers for its first EVO is embarrising. The competitive scene is dead.
That's what happens when you monetize your game into oblivion. People don't even want to play this game for money.
I also don't think WB allows NRS to really support the competitive scene to the extent it needs to get to higher numbers.

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