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Most Sexy New Videogame Character for the year 2007

Its still Captain Price.

Anyone says Big Daddy then... well...

How about, I don't know a award thread, instead of threads for single awards?
How about, I don't know a award thread, instead of threads for single awards?

You don't come hear enough to care. :huh:

There's no problem here, is anyone dying?
We are pals, I'm just saying seperate award threads arn't hurting anyone.
What about the blue chick that you can bang in the game?

Oh she was hot, for a 3D model, no doubt. But I have a man crush on Shepard now. Which is kind of weird since he's only awesome because of the choices I made.
I'm also going to have to go with the weighted companion cube :o
Indeed. I just want to snuggle up next to that thing and die.
^F**k, I feel like a pedophile now. :O :csad:
What about that pink thing from Metroid Prime 3?

As voice goes, no one has it better than Cortana.

Cortana´s voice is sexxxxyyyyyyyyyy :heart:
Cortana is cool, but this is for the most sexy new character for 2007.

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