MS announce wireless goodies.


May 1, 2003
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The Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel (release date: fall, price TBD) is in development internally at Microsoft by several members from the Microsoft Sidewinder team. The first-party design has a thick, contoured rubber pad for lap usage, and a sturdy clamp for table usage. The wireless steering wheel comes with F1-style shift paddles and pedals equipped with a medal rim to anchor your heels while playing.

The existing battery life is the same as the wireless controller and, by using the AC adaptor, you'll get force feedback. There are two levels of feedback, the basic rumble motors that pick up wheels on gravel and low-level rumbles, and force feedback, from the actual car performance -- slides, crashes, etc. The same rechargeable unit that works for the controllers works with the Xbox 360 wireless steering wheel. The wheel comes with full Dpad usage, ABXY buttons, and a guide button. It comes in one color, "chill white."


The Xbox 360 Wireless Headset (release date: fall, price TBD) is a small ear-clip that mimics the current fad of Blue Tooth-enabled cell phones. It fits over your ear; there are two sizes for smaller and larger size ears. The wireless earpiece features better sound quality than previous headsets and features a better mic and better sound reception technology. It features an adjustable boom, 30-foot range, and a built-in lithium battery with eight hours and a wall charger to recharge.
Something about the headset makes me think its going to feel pretty awkward trying to wear it.
Wolfwood said:
Something about the headset makes me think its going to feel pretty awkward trying to wear it.

I have headphones that use the clip on style, they rock so hard... You dont even notice you have them on.

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