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Murdered: Soul Suspect

Oh man I'm psyched this is gonna be on ps4 I thought I might have to get it for Xbox 360
So this is coming in june. It's been a while since we had a great detective game. LA noire was great in that regard. This one reminds me of Discworld noir. Can't wait to try it!
It looks very interesting, and the paranormal aspect looks great
I wonder how open the world will be. I hope you're free to wander in it, even if it's not gigantic.
I wouldn't mind if they broke the city up into three parts so each could have an individual feel
I'm kind of interested in this game, but I really need to know more.
I can't help but feel that the reveal of Watch Dogs' release date will affect it
On the other hand, it's a psn game, so I don't think they're aiming at the same pepole.
Léo Ho Tep;28363387 said:
On the other hand, it's a psn game, so I don't think they're aiming at the same pepole.

It is? I thought it was retail


I was right...it is

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Sounds neat and I'm interested.
Interesting... so it may be longer than what I expected... Can't wait to learn more about it!
Have you seen some of the demos that are up?
yes, but I'm looking forward a real video of gameplay,without cuts. It does look great.

this was a great game. The gameplay is kinda basic, it's like a simpler LA noire, without the interrogation scenes. There are very few action scenes, where you have to destroy demons. I didn't really like those scenes, but there are 4 of them.

The story was really, and I mean really good. The characters were well written and really likeable.

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