MxDC Vs ~ The NOW 52 - Part 3


Marvel x DC #1
WolfCypher (Creator) • The Corpulent One (Authorized)
Variant Votes by DOCKER 2.0, BLACKVULCAN, OBI-RON, runawayboulder, & THE MIGHTY THOR
Sketch Variants by BIGSAMS50 & PemLam
Digital Variants by DUKE, chiefchirpa, & flash13
Typeface Variants by ROUGEDK & CANARYFAN
Blank Cover by SPECTRE313
• THIS IS IT! The greatest era of the HYPE! starts here!
• MWF vs Pale Rider! With EVERYTHING on the line!
• The devastating secret of Yodaman!
• Who is...hops?!!
• lixdexia is kind of a dick.
• And a major death, so shocking, so out of nowhere, that will change the HYPE! forever...ANUBIS dies!!! True Believer!
• Special appearances by Didio, Loeb, and Liefeld! Guest-starring Wolverine and Batman!
7 PGS./Rated SEXY …41 Euros​


Round 1693 - 1700
Ka-Zar x Travis Morgan
Emma Frost x Raven
Namor x Silver Surfer
Kesley Grammer's Beast x Nicholas Hoult's Beast
Ghost Rider x Lobo
Wolverine x Nightwing
Night of the Owls x Death of the Family
Marvels x Justice​

Round 1701 - 1747
Green Goblin x The Joker
Nova (Richard Rider) x Tim Drake (Pre-New 52)
Green Goblin x Sabretooth
Kitty Pryde x Nightwing
Eternals x New Gods
Eternals x Inhumans
Infinity Gauntlet x The Great Darkness Saga
Secret Wars x Infinity Gauntlet
Doctor Doom x Lex Luthor
Jean Grey x Donna Troy
Scarlet Witch x Zatanna
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes x Young Justice/Invasion
Young Justice/Invasion x Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Spectacular Spider-Man x Young Justice/Invasion
The Phantom Stranger x The Spectre
The Hulk x Hawkman
Wrecker x Giganta
Speedball x Static
The Spot x Clock King
Razor Fist x Copperhead
Lady Deathstrike x Cheshire
Doctor Doom x The Fantastic Four
Luke Cage x Black Lightning
Elektra x Cheshire
Professor Mendel Stromm x Professor Emil Hamilton
Iron Fist x Green Arrow
The Professor x Mr. Fixit
Talon x Batwing
The Huntress x Stephanie Brown
Iron Man x Magneto
Black Cat x The Huntress
The Vision x Martian Manhunter
The Vision x Ultron
Ultron x Lex Luthor
Kang the Conqueror x Brainiac
"Wonder Woman" x "Green Lantern: First Flight"
Carnage x The Parasite
Luke Cage x Cyborg
Luke Cage x Black Panther
Black Panther x Black Canary
Storm x Green Arrow
Kate Bishop x Cassandra Cain
Daken x Damien Wayne
Emma Frost x Star Sapphire
The Punisher x Midnighter
Mystique x Talia Al Ghul
John Constantine x Jesse Custer
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Maaann! i wrote all that crap and whammo! anyways

Travis Morgan!
...and not cause DOCKsied voted Zar but cause that dude is cool!
Hot ass cat! hot ass ex wife! hot ass daughter! ( all those chicks had no clothes on!) i was about done with anything Sword and Sorcery when dude brought me back in!Plus dude carried heat to bust a cap in your ass along with a sword! that's cool!

* i dont watch enough porn " Prof Doc the reverse flash" but if i did it would be " Marsten Thrust!"
Ka-Zar. Both seem cool in their own way, but I'm more familiar with Ka-Zar because I actually read some of his late '90s series.
The Winner of Round 1693 is...Ka-Zar (12-5)



Round 1694
Emma Frost x Raven

Raven has always bored the hell outta me.
Frost!...though i like her better as a bad girl!
Raven to me was always boo- hooing and whining about being the devil's daughter!Mannn!There's worst things you know! she could have been Carrottop's!

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