MxDC Vs ~ The NOW 52 - Part 2

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Marvel x DC #1
WolfCypher (Creator) • The Corpulent One (Authorized)
Variant Votes by DOCKER 2.0, BLACKVULCAN, OBI-RON, runawayboulder, & THE MIGHTY THOR
Sketch Variants by BIGSAMS50 & PemLam
Digital Variants by DUKE, chiefchirpa, & flash13
Typeface Variants by ROUGEDK & CANARYFAN
Blank Cover by SPECTRE313
• THIS IS IT! The greatest era of the HYPE! starts here!
• MWF vs Pale Rider! With EVERYTHING on the line!
• The devastating secret of Yodaman!
• Who is...hops?!!
• lixdexia is kind of a dick.
• And a major death, so shocking, so out of nowhere, that will change the HYPE! forever...ANUBIS dies!!! True Believer!
• Special appearances by Didio, Loeb, and Liefeld! Guest-starring Wolverine and Batman!
7 PGS./Rated SEXY …41 Euros



Approved by TheCorpulent1.​

Archieves of All Rounds

Retroactive Round 175
Iron Man x The Dark Knight

Retroactive Round 1568
Catwoman x Black Canary

Rounds 1531 - 1600
Wolverine x Wonder Woman
The Thing x Aquaman
Mr. Fantastic x Martian Manhunter
Daredevil x Black Canary
Gorilla Grodd x Vandal Savage
Ghost Rider x Captain Atom
Spider-Man x Batman
She-Hulk x Dr. Strange
ROM x Death's Head II
Electro x Captain Cold
Namor x Hawkman
Cable x Grifter
Blizzard x Icicle II
Atlas x Geo-Force
Black Lightning x Blue Devil
Black Lightning x Cyborg
Superboy x Power Girl
Spectacular Spider-Man x Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Invisible Woman x Wonder Woman
Punisher x Daredevil
Batgirl x Black Canary
Absorbing Man x Giganta
Bane x Lobo
The Hulk x Wolverine
Red Skull x Lex Luthor
Hercules x Guy Gardner
Trickshot x Merlyn
Major Force x The General
Lockheed x Krypto
Kitty Pryde x Supergirl
Zatanna x Catwoman
Doomsday x Cyborg-Superman
Catwoman x Red Robin
Doctor Strange x Aquaman
Union Jack x Grifter
Spider-Man 2 x Amazing Spider-Man
Catwoman x Black Canary
Super-Skrull x Despero
Taskmaster x Black Manta
Doctor Octopus x Baron Zemo
Apocalypse x Black Adam
Scorpion x Captain Cold
Tim Burton's Batman x Batman Returns
Venom (Flash Thompson) x Deathstroke
Emma Frost x Martian Manhunter
Daredevil x Green Arrow
Wasp x Phoenix
Jason Todd x Damian Wayne
Swamp Thing x Animal Man
Juggernaut x Lobo
Spider-Island x Ends of the Earth
Scarlet Spider x Red Hood
Spider-Man x Deadpool
Cyclops x Sinestro
Hal Jordan x Sinestro
Falcon x Steel
Falcon x War Machine
The Joker x Superman
Red Hulk x Venom (Flash Thompson)
The Thunderbolts x Exiles
Loki x Black Adam
Black Cat x Harley Quinn
Ang Lee's Hulk x Superman Returns
Fear Itself x Spider-Island
X-23 x Blue Beetle
Ronald Raymond x Jason Rusch
Rogue x Donna Troy
Avengers vs. X-Men x Night of the Owls
Hypno-Hustler x Typeface x Big Wheel
Condiment King x Rainbow Raider x Kite-Man
Nova x Kyle Rayner
Nova (Sam Alexander) x Simon Baz
Red Hulk x Captain Atom
The Black Mirror x Night of the Owls
Quicksilver x Barry Allen
Harry Osborn x Gwen Stacy
X-23 x Ravager
Batgirl x Red Robin
Marvel's The Avengers x The Dark Knight Rises​

Rounds 1601-Ongoing

Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman x Anne Hathaway's Catwoman
Phoenix x Raven
Psylocke x Starfire
Colossus x Beast Boy
Beast x Cyborg
Civil War x Avengers vs. X-Men
Nuke x Bane
Sabretooth x Bane
Sabretooth x Cheetah
Bane x Hush
Lightning Lad x Timber Wolf
Kate Bishop x Stephanie Brown
Marvel's The Avengers x The Dark Knight
Maestro x Old Man Logan
Hit-Monkey x Gorilla-Man
Songbird x Starfire
Daken x Jason Todd
Defenders x Doom Patrol
Grizzly & Gibbon x Shimmer & Mammoth
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman x Smallville
The Avengers run of 2012 (COMICS ONLY) x The X-Men run of 2012
Kyle Rayner x Blue Beetle
Nova x Kyle Rayner
Nightwing x Kyle Rayner
Fantastic Four x Wonder Woman
Wolverine x Iron Man
Ultron x Black Adam
Venom (Flash Thompson) x Scarlet Spider (Kaine)
Nightcrawler x Nightwing
Heath Ledger's Joker x Tom Hardy's Bane
Loki x Thanos
Mesmero x Psimon
The Amazing Spider-Man x The Dark Knight Rises
Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow x Anne Hathaway's Catwoman
Wonder Man x Captain Atom
Red Hulk x Captain Atom
Attuma x Ocean Master
Mystique x Cheetah
Luke Cage x Back Canary
Ultimate Spider-Man (Animated) x Young Justice/Invasion
Hydro-Man x Clayface
Elektra x Lady Shiva
Doctor Octopus x Norman Osborn
Hugo Strange x James Gordon, Jr.
Apocalypse x Doomsday
Sandman x The Parasite
The Wrecking Crew x The Female Furies
The Parasite x Atomic Skull
The Wrecking Crew x U-Foes
Manphibian x Lagoon Boy
Granny Goodness x Gordon Godfrey
Spider-Man x Nightwing
Electro x The Lizard
Loki x Sinestro
Thor x Hal Jordan
Iron Man x Wonder Woman
Doctor Psycho x Mad Hatter
Arnim Zola x Egg Fu
Electro x Elektra
New Warriors x Young Justice
Superboy x Supergirl
Supergirl x Batgirl
Valkyrie x Wonder Woman
U.S.Agent x Steel
Hawkeye x Black Canary
Jason Todd x Arsenal
U.S.Agent x Guy Gardner
Lion-Mane x Shadow-Thief
Cyclops x Magneto
Beta Ray Bill x Kilowog
Deadpool x Deathstroke
Morbius x Andrew Bennett
Storm x Catwoman
Venom (Flash Thompson) x Red Hood
Hulk x Iron Man
Hulk x She-Hulk
Hulk x Batman
Marvel Avengers Alliance x DC Universe Online
Colossus x Beast Boy
X-23 x Daken
New 52 Red Robin x New 52 Red Hood
Scarlet Spider x Blue Beetle
Hawkman x Hawkgirl
Falcon x Cyborg
Black Canary x Power Girl
War Machine x Cyborg
Beast x Cyborg
Snow White x Bigby Wolf
Apocalypse x Brainiac
Jarella x Maxima
Wonder Woman
x Hal Jordan
Ka-Zar x Travis Morgan
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Round 1640
Ultimate Spider-Man (Animated) x Young Justice (+Invasion)
I really dont see how Ultimate Spider-Man the cartoon is going to win anything

YOUNG JUSTICE (even though spidey is my favourite character...i just cant abide that show)

and luke didnt win!!! Man! another brother done in by the man.. uh i mean fishnets! hehe
Ultimate Spider-Man (Animated). I don't really care for either one, though.
Young Justice

Show got awesome.....when it actually comes on that is. :o
One big Screw You to Ultimate Spider-Man...I mean The Winner of Round 1640 is...Screw You, Loeb, and your limp-@## Spider-Man show! (1-12)



Round 1641
Hydro-Man x Clayface
Clayface. He's actually used right sometime.
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