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My Joker Mask


is awesome
May 19, 2007
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If you thought this was going to be another bank robbery mask, I'm sorry =)

This is actually a wrestling mask I made. It was the first time I ever made a wrestling mask. It turned out okay considering I haven't sewn in years, and that I didn't sew much in the first place.





simple design. it's one that might not actually be immediately associated with the joker. but obviously it's the joker smiley that joker painted on the harvey dent poster, and all over the gotham times. the stitches on the mouth and eyes weren't the best because i did them by hand, so they are kinda sloppy.

all in all it's a solid mask and it looks okay. i posted these pics a couple weeks ago, right after i made it, in various threads in the TDK spoilers section but i'm posting them now because I'm about to make a better one out of different material and it should hopefully look a lot better and fit a lot better.

so when i'm done with that one i shall post those pics. hopefully it looks a lot better, and if it does, and people like it, i'll post a tutorial on how to make it.

this one has laces like a traditional wrestling mask, but the new version will have no laces. it will be a pullover mask with an elastic band at the neck to keep it snug.
thanks. =) yeah, i'll start workin on my new one within the next couple days. won't take long to make. gonna get the materials in a little while.

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