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Sequels Mysterio

Dylan C. Bargas

Aug 30, 2005
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This is my picture of Mysterio. I think it almost looks like the Mysterio from Spider-Man 2: the game. (I know it's sloppy but I don't really care how good or how bad it is...)
Gobbykillspidey said:
No offense but how long did you spend on this picture, like 60 seconds.

Shut up, I like his art work...more creative than you'll ever be:o Good artwork D :up: That Spider-Man 2 game is hard! I cant beat Mystero :down
I cant wait to see Mysterio in a Spider-Man movie!

I either want Bruce Campbell or myself (seriously) to play Quentin Beck.
Bruce Campbell would be aweasome as Mysterio.
I just REALLY want to play a villain in one of the 6 Spider-Man films, but I don't know which one. I've always liked Mysterio, but I also like a lot of others. I actually hope that they make more than 6 films, so I'll have a better chance of landing a villain role...I might as well keep dreaming. I kind of think it'd be cool to play Morris Bench/Hydro-Man. I would LOVE to play Mac Gargan/Scorpion.

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