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Hi everyone, I used to collect comics pretty heavily a few years ago but had to stop because I would spend over $70 a month on them. I collected almost all of the Batman family titles and it became such a strong addiction that I had to quit, cold turkey. I quit after I bought a bunch of Hush #1 issues (I have around four or five of them).

Anyhow, I miss my comics, especially the Batman ones, so I want to try to start collecting TPBs (or graphic novels, if you prefer); all of the good Batman family ones since around Hush.

So where should I start? I'm thinking about picking up the two softcovers of Hush, but I'm hesitent because I expect DC to release a nice big softcover collecting both volumes. Think that'll happen? And after that, where do I go from there? I'd really appreciate the help.
Death in the Family and then No Man's Land or The Killing Joke :joker:
well you prob missed war games, Spoiler died by the way, there now you dont have to waste your money on it like i did.
well, there's not too much to catch up on. broken city was alright, but there's tons of non-batman tpbs you could check out if you want to broaden your horizons

Broken city was the arc right after hush you may want to check out
Broken City - Best Batman story since DKR and easily Top 5 all time.
I **** you not.
Skip the No Man's Land comics and grab the novelization by Greg Rucka.
Starting with Hush, people, Hush. I'm pretty sure that NML is pre-Hush. ;)

So War Games is no good, huh?

I'm asking for advice in the regular Batman monthly contuinity, collected TPBs since Hush. I have The Killing Joke and all of those other essentials. :)

So I'll start with Hush, then get Broken City, and skip War Games... or should I? Was it really that bad? Is there anything else aside from Hush and Broken City that I should get? From all of the Bat family books since Hush.

Thanks for the help, everyone.

And don't worry, I love plenty of other comics aside from Batman. :D
War Games wasn't terrible, but it was pretty bland. Even the death of Spoiler was kind of boring in its execution.
Given how long it was, I'd say no. I mean, if you really want to read everything important to Batman in recent history, it would qualify because it has created some major repercussions, but I can't really recommend it solely on the basis of the story it tells. It just wasn't that great.
Hmm, thanks for the advice. Could you give me the precise order of the Batman TPBs, starting with Hush? I have it figured out like so:

War Games
Broken City
uh, anything else?
Broken City
War Games

Batman: Death and the Maidens is in TPB form and is supposed to be really good. I haven't read it myself, but I plan to.
Cool, thanks. Is that an original graphic novel or a trade?
You should check out Identity Crisis if you haven't. What happened in that is very important to whats going on with Bats now.
Identity Crisis? Thanks, when does that take place?
Don't forget, in-between Broken City and War Games is As the Crow Flies, the first arc written by Winick that basically sets up stuff in War Games and some of the future stuff in Winick's run....
Oh yeah, that was an all right story. Not really that great, but not bad. Much like all of Winick's Batman work.
At least the current artist on Batman is a bit better :up:

I'm totally dreading the sequel to ****e Games this August though....:(
Ok so here's how I currently understand it, and please help me fill it out if you can. :)

Broken City
As The Crow Flies
War Games
Infinity Crisis

Batman: Death and the Maidens---> where does that go?
TheBatSquad puts Death and the Maidens right after Hush and Superman/Batman:public Enemies but before Broken City...

oh, Gotham central and Arkham Asylum: Living Hell are only batman related, but damn good

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