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Start-Off Comics...


Nov 29, 2007
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sadly, i am just now being introduced into the wonderful world of comics. i've already read 'the long halloween', 'the dark victory' and 'batman: hush', but what are some other good ones to start out with? i have basic knowledge of main characters. and i really like the mystery of 'hush' and 'the long halloween'
As much as it pains me to say this, I might as well get this out of the way.

If you are reading Batman comics, you almost HAVE to read

Dark Knight Returns and Batman:Year One

They are basically requirements for the Bat-fans. And I actually thought Year One was decent. DKR I'm not much of a fan.

Kingdom Come is a book that is just fantastic. The art if nothing else is just plain gorgeous.

There are other really good graphic novels out there, but those three are really big name books. Of course, that is just the three DC ones I hear bandied about the most often.

I really enjoyed Superman: For All Seasons. But it is definitely a different, more thoughtful approach to the Man of Steel.

The other guys on the boards here are pretty solid. They should be able to recommend some other really good trades I missed.
I read DKR and B:YO, and I didn't find them to be "completely needed"
I read DKR and B:YO, and I didn't find them to be "completely needed"

Personally, I think Frank Miller is not all he's cracked up to be. I don't care much for Year One, but it's "Ok".

DKR to me is just a waste of the paper it's printed on, but for some reason, thats a heretical statement here on these boards (or so it seems at times :cwink:)

That's why I recommended Kingdom Come and For All Seasons.

For DC graphic novels/TPB's, two of my favorites are "I can't Believe it's not the Justice League" & "Formerly Known as the Justice League"

I LOVED that run. But I usually don't throw that out there because a lot of people dismiss the series due to its focus on humor. (although it had some great character development)

But I figured they should probably read what most fans seem to consider "The basics" or "the essentials" you know?
Yeah, but I mean it seems like people like it just cause other people like it. I mean sure theres some people that actually do like it, but a bet a good portion of the people that say the like it only like it cause its the general consensus.
Yeah, but I mean it seems like people like it just cause other people like it. I mean sure theres some people that actually do like it, but a bet a good portion of the people that say the like it only like it cause its the general consensus.

I would STRONGLY agree with you on that.
Long Halloween and Hush are really good choices. Out of everyone in DC, I'd say Batman is the easiest to get into.

And I'll vouch for Kingdom Come, as well. That's far and away my favorite comic of all time.

Some personal recommendations:

Superman: Birthright= I'd say the forums are split about 50/50 between the people who like BR and the people who hate it, because Superman's been re-written so many times and everyone has their personal 'definitive' version of him. To me, though, BR is the most new-reader-friendly version, and is just a really good superhero story even if you don't like Superman.

Identity Crisis= This one can be a little bit of a crash-course in DC, but the way everyone's written will make you sympathize with the characters even if you're not immediately familiar with them. It's a really good, really emotional story that hits hard in all the right places.

Justice= Another jump-headfirst-into-everything story, this one is an old-school Silver Age battle royale, showing the Justice League at the height of their power and their first battle against the Legion of Doom. Basically, it's the old Super-Friends cartoon all grown up. Pure awesome.
Ditto to whats already been written.
Batgirl: Year One
JLA: Earth 2
Watchmen. (See what all the fuss is about)
Batman: The Killing Joke

As for current comics, you can't go wrong with what Geoff Johns is doing on Green Lantern and Justice Society of America.
James Robinson's Starman run. All of it collected in trades, and now in a nifty massive Omnibus.
I agree with everybody who recommended Kingdom Come, it's just awesome. I'd say borrow it from somebody if you can, then if you like it buy the Absolute edition.

I disagree with everybody who wasn't crazy about Batman: Year One. That's probably my favorite comic story ever. I think it's a great small-scale story, the art is amazing and both parts really fit together well.

If you're at all interested in Green Arrow, Quiver is a good jumping-off point, too. Somebody in the stupid questions thread recommended it to me a while back when I expressed interest in GA, and they were dead-on. It references a lot of GA's past, but it's really accessible even if you know nothing about any of it.
Well I would have to disagree on the Year One aspect, as I have told you miss, I pretty much have explained to you all there is about Batman andyou can pretty much ask me any question. Since im her comic book source guys what should i lend her first Rebirth or Emerald Dawn part 1?
Make sure to try some non-mainstream (or at least some Vertigo) comics as well. There's a good chance you'll like them as well (after all, reading only Superhero comics is like watching only one type of movie).
Give 'Preacher' a go for starters.
If we're on the subject of indie comics, you can't go wrong with Invincible. Hands down, it's the most fun comic I've read in a long, long time.

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