New And.............Hopefully Improved Art Thread

Silver Sable

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Nov 14, 2004
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Hi guys.It's been a long time since you seen my artwork.I think I got a little bit better at my drawing skills but I honestly do need to work harder.Anyway, here are my newest ones and I do hope you like them.Constructive criticism is appreciated as well


glad to see you back SS
I really like the Spellbinder one. I think that the Carnage drawing could use a bit of adjusting for perspective in the torso. I'm thinking that it's probably the black parts of the symbiote, and not the outer line art itself.
Yeah I know.He is a bit hard to draw since he's got all those black linings on his body and since he's bending down a little
Welcome back SS

Nice posts

I would say you need to spend more time sketching rather than drawing
Your work has always had a strong sense of character
You need to experiment and not worry so much about the end product
Fill a sketch pad with figures in deep space.

Great work keep it up
who's that inthe first sketch silver?
Looks improved to me, welcome back. :up:
Welcome back Sable. Its good to see that your work has moved passed being a reflection of Bruce Timm's style, and into your own. You've improved quite a bit. I look forward to seeing more.
Great job Silver Sable! You are getting better everyday!
your stuff is pretty good. they might look better if they were colored in a different medium

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