New Character Banners?

Yeah, the bg on these look like the site. :up:

They are the 4 main players in this movie, anyway. I wouldn't be too worried about Cyke. He'll probably have one on his section of the site when the time comes.
So - is this the "big update" for the official site? :o
Retroman said:
Because i don't think she'll be called Phoenix in the movie.
Wasn't it stated Magneto is likely to give her some kind of code-name to that effect. We know he likes his code-names, and since she rose from the dead, it would be a logical choice.

The banners look pretty good. Nothing quite a few SHH! members couldn't rustle up themselves, but still very nice.
Those are nice hope they are for the website we need an update. Hope they have them for the other characters.
Neto Magnus said:
Not sure if these are official or not but there is a new image of Magneto we haven't seen yet.






Source: IGN FilmForce

Those are pretty awsome. I like the wolverine, Storm and Jean/Phoenix one.
Electrix said:
I hope you're right. :D I want some hi-res versions of the TV spots and some new pics! :mad:
Nice find...I`m Diggin the Magneto pic...:up:
Those are pretty cool... can't wait for them to update the website
So, what do you guys think will be available after the "update" at the official site? I'm thinking - backgrounds and hopefully, the hi-res versions of the TV spots, but I highly doubt that, though, since Fox has never officially released the TV spots during the X2 days. (Right?)
right. im hoping more pictures, synopsis, cast/crew credits, etc.

maybe making videos and videos of some of the big characters (like they had with f4)
I guess these are our official character posters (or are they just for blogs?)
So do you any of you guys actually read the source links or no?

As stated in the IGN article...

X-Men: The Last Stand Blog Headers
Mutate your Club.IGN pages.
by IGN Staff
April 6, 2006 - Have you set up your blog and lists on Club.IGN yet? Then it's time to customize your look.

Our friends at 20th Century Fox have kicked down some sweet header graphics featuring some of your favorite mutants from the forthcoming X-Men: The Last Stand.
1. Simply pick your header of choice from the links below by clicking on the thumbnails.
2. Download the large version to your desktop (right-click, save picture as...).
3. Head to your blog by clicking the "my blog" link in the login box up to the left, then go to the customize section in the upper right and select the Add a Header Image tab.

You can now upload your new header too add that sweet X-Men look. Don't forget to customize your colors to match things up (though the standard blue theme should work just fine.
Look at Hugh's arms. They're HUGE!!!

Magneto looks badass in his new hideout
Those are cool banners. Never saw that Magneto pic before.
Aiden said:
Look at Hugh's arms. They're HUGE!!!

Magneto looks badass in his new hideout
They look abnormally bulked up!! My biceps are like...3 x smaller than his. lol.
vanillacyke said:
Oh wait it's CYCLOPS!!!! There missing CYCLOPS!!!! to hell with those stupid damn idiotic loser moron jerk-offs they keep Cyke out of EVERYTHING!!! I HATE THEM ALL!!!!

I KNOW! I was just saying on the Cyclops thread how they've skipped him again!!!

I'm hoping more will be released before the movie comes out. Did you guys say these were official?

In any event, I created my own Cyclops and Jean poster. Check it out on the Manips board or the Cyclops or Jean boards.

If they won't do it, we Cyke fans will make our own PUBLICITY!!!
Looks like Hugh's workout paid off. :up:

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