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Nov 24, 2004
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Somebody posted a picture of the soon-to-be team a while back and I can't remember where. If anybody has that picture, please post it. I'm really curious as to if I saw Sage as a team member.
yes Sage is a member of this team
really? the only pic for it i've seen shows it as being captain britain, pete wisdom, nocturne, dazzler, and juggernaut.
No Sage pictured, but she has been listed in press releases as being a member.
Cool, thanx. I don't know squat about this Pete Wisdom guy and Dazzler bores me but I'll give it a shot.
Pete Wisdom was in the old Excalibur. He's also Shadowcat's ex-boyfriend.
Ah ha. Wait, is Pete the guy in Uncanny right now who throws the energy knives?
Colossal Spoons said:
Ah ha. Wait, is Pete the guy in Uncanny right now who throws the energy knives?
Yes. :up:
It is mentioned as being a member
Ok cool, I at least know what he looks like now. Need to read up on his bio. With Sage being a member of this team, I'm guess that some major changes are gonna be made to the Hellfire Club in the coming months.
Well, Brian still holds the title of Black Bishop in the London chapter - so you can see how the two of them might meet up
this team looks interesting and dazzler's new look is pretty cool, so is nocturne's.
can't really say i'm a fan of the art. :(
This isn't a big book so they won't use a big name artist. I myself love this guy's style and they way he gets the aging right for certain characters.
Nocturne hasn't been cool since Judd Winick left Exiles. :( :(
the writers could possibly make her better or more interesting.
Not this one. :( There's no way he's matching what Judd Winick did on Exiles... not even coming close.
Who's writing New Excalibur, anyway?
The artist looks like the same guy who does District X, Lan Medina. I can't say I'm thrilled about CC writing it.
Pete looks like Keanu Reeves in Constantine, and he sucks :mad:
He actuallly looks just like him in that picture.

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