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New Exiles Sells Out!


Jan 23, 2008
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Way to go, Mr. Claremont! It was a really strong debut issue. Whatever bonehead decided on a 16 issue a year schedule should be fired, because 12 issues a year from CC and Grummett would have been perfection. Grummett's art had a modern Gil Kane look about it, and honestly, he's never looked better.

Claremont has many bashers and while I'm sure this bit of news is really bothering them, I am happy about it, because CC delivered!
And The Order is getting canceled. Where's the justice?
Plenty of copies were ordered, it just appealed, simple as that.

It's a quality first issue, too! This should be a great ride.
A great ride for about 20 issues, until it's canceled or gets a creative team change, like everything else Claremont's been on for the last few years.
Every issue of The Loners sold out too, and only the first cracked the top 100. "Selling out" at Diamond means jack squat.
Hmm, now I wonder how many copies were in that initial order. The number is suspiciously absent from Marvel's article.
They never mention the number, as far I can recall; the just say "sold out".
Hrmmm, I swear I'm just going to read it and get it over with. I keep hearing it's Claremont's best in years.
It's not. He uses the same cliches that he's been using for the last 20 years. The baseball game to bond team members and teach them something about themselves has been replaced with a football game. The same old "he doesn't understand how valuable he is" speeches and mutual admiration. And lets not forget CCs strength: make up completely random events, introduce them in one issue, and see what sticks. I'll be surprised if it lasts 12.
In how many years? Because if it's his best in 2 years...
And as with all cries of "Sold out" this means nothing. All it means that is that retailers have ordered all of the initial print run from Diamond. It in no way means that all issues have actually been bought by readers. In all likelihood, thousands of copies are languishing on shelves around the world since retailers aren't allowed to return stock.

This doesn't mean that it didn't do well, but "selling out" an issue means nothing in comics.
Claremont is the best.

I'm a Claremont fan from way back but he needs to get over his Sage & Psylocke hang up. The first issue wasn't a bad set up issue. Seeing him decimate 1963 Marvel was a cool idea. This book could be the perfect vehicle for him if he truly plays with the entire Marvel Universe. Still, the current Exiles squad is so bland. An all chick X-Men B-squad with a touchy feely Sabretooth just isn't going to cut it for long. I hope to see a quick roster change like in the initial Exiles. Exile Magneto bought it on their first mission. I'm hoping Exile Rogue buys it and he replaces her with a non-mutant.

Either way, I hope Claremont just goes nuts and let's it all hang out. No rules and no one to answer to, just write wild!
Sure, it will. I'm going to laugh my ass off when it doesn't crack the top 20 after having "sold out".
Sure, it will. I'm going to laugh my ass off when it doesn't crack the top 20 after having "sold out".

I wouldn't be so sure. Like someone said, Loners sold out too. I'm sure this book had a slightly larger print run, but honestly and realistically will sell in the 60-70 range.
At writing crappy stories with recycled ideas. :up:

This is like complaining that Michael Jordan only averaged 15 points per game for the Wizards. Sure he wasn't vintage Air Jordan but you've got to respect the man. Practically re-creating and defining the entire X-Universe should earn Claremont eternal respect, period.

The reason his modern stuff struggles a bit at times is because he doesn't want to repeat himself to a fault. In terms of overall story, we may want to see Hellfire or Sentinels or whatever but he's been there and done that. I've read as much in interviews that he's given. I hope he reconsiders that stance while on Exiles and messes with the universe he established. Alternate reality should be liberating for him.
You're claiming that he doesn't want to repeat himself when he's been rehashing the same stories with the same characters like Psylocke and Sage for the last few years? Now he's even got a younger Kitty Pryde in the mix in New Exiles to do variants on his X-Men stories from back in the day.

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