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New Total Film magazine

Kevin Roegele

Do you mind if I don't?
May 2, 2000
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Just a heads-up to UK Hype!ers to let you know the new issue of Total Film has a pretty nice Batman movie retrospective (they even give pages to Batman & Robin).

Oh, and it also has a free Iron Man poster.
Sweet, thanks, good find.

I used to read TF all the time, I don't really know why I stopped...
its a good read, goes through each film has a page on the dark knight, worth while buy!
could someone scan it?

ah, forget it i'll go out and buy it just now......
Yeah, it's something to own.

Gonna get it tomorrow.

No wait! Tomorrow is christmas!
It's cool that Total Film would give so many pages to the Batman movie series. It's recognised now as one of the all-time big movie franchises.
It's cool that Total Film would give so many pages to the Batman movie series. It's recognised now as one of the all-time big movie franchises.

I thought Batman always was considered a big movie franchise. Batman & Robin may have disappointed and Batman Returns may have pissed off parents, but the first three movies were very successful and popular with the general public. Despite what fanboys may tell you.
Finally got it!!

It was a great little retrospective, yet its surpising that they devoted most of their pages to Batman and Robin... but i suppose failure is more intriuging than success.

Any bat-fan should pick it up... although expect many more of these retrospectives in the coming months of the dark knight's release!
I'll pick it up tomorrow!

Even Total Film see's that Batman owns!
Can someone scan the pages please.

There's really nothing there that you won't know already if you are a fan of the movies....it's just cool to read it again in a professional article (although there are a number of mistakes).
Is there a new Heath Ledger Joker's pic in the cover?
It's new in that it hasn't been published, but it's from one of the leaked pictures we've all seen before.
OK, I see, one from the famous "interrogation room" pics.
I couldn't tell that by looking at that tiny pic. :p
And they edited the background as well.
Curious, what mistakes does it make? I've not picked it up yet.
The only mistake i noticed was that they were talking about Lee Meriwether as catwoman but shows a picture of Julie Newmar instead.

All in all its a great article... even if the bit on batman begins was short...

Does any one feel it was making a complaint about BB when it states...

'Because we promise you, 'Begins' may have gone heavy on the realism, but its sequels will push harder into dark fantasy. So roll on 'The Dark Knight' and the clown with the killing joke...'
Hmmm, maybe addressing the common-man's problem of it being very real and light on the fantasy (Compared to say, BR) I think people expected a bit more of the fantastic, bit more explosions, high-flying stunts, crazy villians etc...
I have to hit up some import shops I need this for collection purposes.

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